fifty for 50.

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things to accomplish once and done.
1. grow my hair to wear a pony tail not gonna happen; I had a haircut april 19...
2. knit through my WIP's. not gonna happen; maybe someday...
3. read mansfield park (and then I've read all of jane austen's novels).  3-23-12 - have a librivox recording on my ipod (this is going to be a listen, not a read!) finished.
4. make pesto with my own homegrown basil. 8-9-12 the basil isn't doing that well - we did have basil vinaigrette on our salad last night.
5. knit ten projects from my stash. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6, 7, 8,9&10. done!
6. finish the superhero photo treasure hunts. meh?! I am taking daily instagram photos and following katie's feed. seems like enough photos!
7. clean out the guest room.
8. finish the poppies needlepoint canvas (that I started months ago). done!
9. sort through the books on my bookshelves and donate the ones I no longer need. done!
10. organize all the pre-2003 photos.

things to set me on a good course for the next fifty years.
1. take a photo a day. on track.
2. have a physical. appointment made for april 8, 2012. ...and done! got the lab results back and - except for vitamin b12 and vitamin d deficiencies (which I can treat with vitamins!) I am in better shape this year than last. woot!
3. and a mammogram. done 5-3-12 (with a bone density scan!)
4. and an eye exam. done! 4-5-12. and I have new glasses :-)
5. schedule a colonoscopy.
6. start a strength training routine. downloaded nike's training camp app. my doctor suggested yoga instead. and now I'm doing pilates, barre and zumba. considering this one done.
7. keep walking 15 miles a week. on track. and I've started running 2-3 times a week, too. walking about 6-1/2 miles a week (3 days) and running 7-1/2 (2 days). in combination with the pilates/etc, considering this one done.
8. cook 12 new (to me) healthy recipes. 1, 2, 3, 4 um yeah, I've kind of lost interest...
9. get a manicure (and keep it up). started... manicure #3 will be tomorrow. non-stop knitting with silk and linen in may & june killed my nails. it's august 9 and I'm finally ready to resume the manicures. considering this one done.
10. participate in one little word for 2012. on track.

things to do because they're good.
1. celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. done.
2. and my dad's 75th birthday. plans made to gather at callaway gardens for his birthday weekend. should be quite a celebration!
3. and sara's 21's birthday. need to start thinking about this!
4. (with karen) raise another $2,500 for the atlanta 2-day walk (and walk for the 6th time). 8-9-12 $660 raised and $500 more pledged...have more work to do!
5. knit 12 hats for charity. on track
6. revitalize the church's prayer shawl group. planned for september.
7. practice 50 random acts of kindness. committed to complete, but have only done 5 so far!
8. investigate volunteering at a senior center with holly. done! holly and I are helping to facilitate a knitting group at the roswell nursing home every thursday afternoon.

or because I'll learn something.
1. teach katie to knit. done.
2. bake bread with sara. done.
3. make a photobook. done.
4. knit fair isle with two hands. teach a class in double knitting. class is scheduled for june 30. it was a success and I have a follow-up class scheduled for september 29.
5. read power of a praying woman. started. 8-9-12 have 2 more chapters to go.
6. read mere christianity. next year.
7. figure out "what's twitter?" done!
8. identify 12 trees at the park. need to work on this. I've got three (pecan, pear and dogwood).
9. learn three new needlepoint stitches. marci promises I'll learn these in conjunction with my new canvases (see #4 under fun below).
10. master oatmeal cookies. thinking about running a half marathon this winter. cookies seem....not so good.
11. take a monthly self portrait photo. on track.
11. take a class. have a training class for my presbyterian women's 2012/2013 bible study scheduled for august 18.
13. try yoga. done (and documented).

or because they're fun.
1. re-read all seven harry potter books. read seven 5-star books. 1. the gargoyle. 2. moloka'i. 3. night circus. I've also read the hunger games trilogy (loved, but not quite 5 stars) and a discovery of witches (first of the all souls trilogy) and I have the 2nd on my nightstand - again, loved, but not quite 5 stars).
2. bake 12 new (to me) quick breads. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 8-9-12 I'm ok with not finishing this.
3. host a card-making party. I did have a few very fun and messy project life dates with katie!
4. complete four more needlepoint projects. 8-9-12 have #1 started and canvases 2, 3 and 4 ordered.
5. celebrate my 1,000th blog post. celebrate my 5-year blogaversary. not sure what to do here!

or just because I want to.
1. get four regular students in my saturday afternoon lace class. 3-23-12 my february/march class had six students...not sure how many will be "regular". 4-26-12...and my april/may class had only four. we'll see. 8-9-12 taking a break for september and hoping to get another class going for oct/nov.
2. take a trip to visit a friend. martha's moving to chattanooga this month and I will definitely be visiting this fall!

49. document my progress.
50. plan a celebration for next year's birthday!