1. Books you finish between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend count. This year that means books you finish May 26 - September 3. This might be a great opportunity to finish books you started a while back ... or you could simply get a headstart by "finishing" Memorial Day Weekend.

2. You get to interpret the relevance of the square to the book. You won't need to defend your book choice ... but I'm hoping that's because you won't need to. That said, I'm expecting that you'll read a book that matches the square. One of the reasons I wanted to host this "challenge" is to post a list of categories that I'd want to be part of. This year, we have 98 different categories. Some of my lifetime favorite books have been books I read - initially reluctantly - as part of this challenge in previous years. I wish the same discovery and satisfaction for you.

3. Each book you read counts for one square, so a "full" bingo card means you read a book for all 25 squares on your card. Yep, even the free space in the middle - but you can read any book you want for that square.

4. Sharing your plans, progress and accomplishments is a big part of the fun. Please use the hashtag #summerbookbingo2018 on social media so we can all follow along.

updated May 10, 2018