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Friday, April 20, 2007

connections made.

all the right lights are lit...and we're finally back on line. Marc made the right connections Wednesday morning. And we've had the internet back for two nights. I'm still holding my breath, but hopefully it's permanent.

We do have a little mess with the wires. That's a chair that the modem and router are sitting on. But we can get that fixed...later...once we're confident we won't be messing around with the equipment or the wires...when we've been connected for maybe a few weeks. When Katie's home to help us! I can get back into the internet groove - working from home every morning, and playing on-line in the evenings. And back to posting on this blog.

I think spring is finally, definitely here. These are the azaleas in our back yard. Guess these are later bloomers than the ones I photo'd a few weeks ago. Those, sadly, are not very pretty right now - thanks to the freezing temperatures over the past several weeks, their blooms are brown. But we have plenty of these light pink blooms to enjoy. And the irises are starting to come up. Tried to photo them, but the colors didn't come out very well. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow, when I can see things in the real daylight. The above was taken at about 5:30 p.m.
One of my favorite things about my yard is the trees. We've had all the pine trees taken down (anyone who lives in Atlanta should do this - we get way too many windy storms and those trees can make a huge mess if they fall!) so it's just hardwoods. These are the trees in my front yard. A little of the japanese maple with its deep red leaves, the river birch with its bright green and on the right, one of the two really tall trees (?called? maybe I'll remember later, after more coffee edited to add - they're red maples - and it wasn't the coffee, it was Marc who knew!). Anyway, I love the different shades of green.
Busy day today - Fridays are usually like that, I guess. Cleared my calendar at work to focus on budgeting. By close of business next Tuesday, I have to have 2007 and 2008 costs forecasted. For my six accounts. I'm looking forward to some focused time on this one thing. And I enjoy playing with the numbers. What I don't enjoy is the system we have to track all the data. It doesn't seem to be very stable and I have LOT of data to enter. But I have Friday, Monday and Tuesday (and Sunday, if things go really bad today!)
And Sara and I are going to see the new Adam Brody movie, In the Land of Women, after school. Treat for her who's worked hard on school stuff this week. And has another weekend of studying ahead. So a Friday night break.
Tomorrow is looking very good for me - Spa Sydell at 10, lunch with Karen and Lydia (promise pics, mother and daddy!) and dinner at the Bauers (our friends Tom and Vicki moved to a new house last Thanksgiving - this will be Marc's first visit at the new house and I haven't had a real conversation with Vicki since before New Years when Katie and I took her out for lunch).
Sara has a biology test on Monday and a paper due Tuesday (for English, on the effects of birth order...not sure effects on what, but guess I'll have a better idea after the weekend!) So Sara is spending the weekend on school work. I cannot wait til this year is over!
Happy Friday, everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Movie "In the Land of Women" got 3 out of 4 stars in today's USA Today. "Much of the film is light-hearted, with winning dialogue. It stumbles in its moments of pathos, which drift alarmingly toward the sentimental, but then pull back." Sounds like a good movie for a late Friday afternoon.

Friday, 20 April, 2007  

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