Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursdays with Sam | A Different View.

Today's Think Write Thursday topic is to look out a window you don't normally look out of and tell us what you see. I kind of cheated. I did do the "don't normally look out" part - but I knew what I'd see.

I snapped this photo from Charlie's bedroom window just after I put Sam down for his last nap of the day*

That sign is in their front yard; and yep, they're moving. Three weeks from today.

They're moving 25 miles away. back into town. 25 miles closer to Katie's work**. They'll also be a lot closer to fun things to do like the Botanical Gardens, the Children's Museum, the Aquarium, the Center for Puppetry Arts and I'm sure we'll find more.

I know 25 miles isn't another state, but - especially on Atlanta highways - it's a big deal. After the move, I (we!) won't be spending Tuesdays here with Charlie or Thursdays here with Sam. I do plan to see both boys (and their parents) on a regular basis ... but we're going to let things settle a bit before we figure out a new routine.

And you know it will be a very little bit because I don't think I can go more than a week without seeing this in real life.

*not to confuse y'all - I pick Sam up in the morning and we spend the day at my house ... until just after his 3pm bottle. Then we head back to his house, so he can have a good nap in his own bed (instead of a carseat), before the family gets home for dinner.

**she works at Coca-Cola's headquarters and she'll have a 15 minute commute. a real life changer!

Thank you to Carole and Kat for the prompt. I had no idea how to share this news ... but I think this worked! Click here to join the Think Write Thursday fun!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Knitting Colors.

It's no secret that I love to wear neutrals. and since that's mostly what I wear, it's also mostly what I knit. So it was kind of a shock in class today that I was wearing a blue sweater and knitting on two decidedly colorful pieces (Brights and Sunshine Coast).

Of course the next few projects in my queue will get me back to my comfort zone (a cream cardigan, two pullovers in shades of gray and a cream/gray wrap). But I think I'm going to explore colors more, especially with accessories. I saw a friend before class and she was wearing this scarf. We got to talking about making it in Shibui's new linen, Reed. Shibui has great neutrals and pretty pops of color. to be continued....

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sometimes Tuesdays.

...don't need any more words*.

*and I trust none of y'all will ask "why?" 😉

Monday, March 20, 2017


My weekend got off to a great start (especially with all the kind comments y'all left about my Friday afternoon FO post - thank you!). It's been a while since I've enjoyed a beer with Holly's evening walk.

Saturday morning was chilly and wet outside, but full of warmth and laughter inside. I was fortunate to have little Sam to myself for three whole hours! He danced a little jig on the floor while I heated up his bottle.

and then entertained me mightily by rolling over (and over and over).

I'm not sure what part of Saturday evening I enjoyed more - seeing Wisconsin beat Villanova, or (finally ... it's been a while!) seeing a new cork for my collection.

Yesterday, Holly and I enjoyed a long walk in the park. It wasn't nearly as warm nor as green as I expected, but the sky was blue.

I spent the rest of the weekend finishing the knitting on my Wisconsin sweater (the KAL in Amy's group on Ravelry ends at midnight tonight) and the latest Armand Gamache (oh my, I really loved this one).

Here's a sneak peek of the sweater since I'm not sure if/when I'll have a chance for Katie to take photos.  Not gonna lie - this yarn is a washable wool/silk blend and after a long soak in the sink this morning it was about a size XXL. oops! I crossed my fingers and put it into the dryer. first on extra low, then on low and finally on medium low. By the time it was dry, it was back to a size S. I couldn't be happier with it!

Today's lip color is Aussie Rose. (super happy with it, too!)

Hope your week is off to a bright, spring-like start. We're expecting warm sunshine tomorrow. Marc reports that the construction is in high gear at the golf course and our neighbors are hoping to shotcrete their new pool. I'm not even planning any other activities for Charlie tomorrow!

Friday, March 17, 2017

FO Friday | Loulou and Mineral.

It was 40 degrees, drizzling and windy on Sunday morning, but Katie did a fine job with the camera - and now I have not one, but two!!!!, finished sweaters to share!

First up is Loulou, a pattern Amy Miller released in January. I bought it the day it came out, thinking the sweater quantity of Kid Classic I had (purchased on major sale a few years back when Rowan discontinued the color) would work. My stitch gauge was a smidge loose but the row gauge worked (phew, I would not want to recalculate that raglan shaping!). I knit the size 36 to get a 37. and I couldn't be happier with the fit. (thank you, Amy, for getting me to more ease and more length in my sweaters ... it works!)

This sweater was knit in pieces and seamed. The hardest part of the whole project for me was the exposed seams. seriously. two days of "knitting time" with a sewing needle. But what a cool detail!

The funnest part of the project was the texture stitch on the front and back. (I haven't looked at the finished piece too closely - if there are boo-boo's in the pattern, I don't want to know!)

I also learned a new-to-me technique - knitting an i-cord and then picking up stitches along the edge. I love the look - and it's easy!

A friend who owns a clothing boutique suggested the white jeans. It was colder yesterday when I wore the sweater again (hopefully for the last time this season) and I wore my boots (also hopefully for the last time this season 😉) ... definitely a better choice than those flats without socks! 

And here's Mineral.

This is the sweater I started on that lemonade day back in January. I finished it quickly (topdown seamless stockinette on size 8 needles - sweaters don't get much faster than that, especially when the pattern is written by Melanie Berg and just ... flows) and wore it once or twice before the February spring came. I took it to Madison and it was too warm to wear there, too. But I'm not complaining. 

It's a great piece - simple styling, that new "more ease, more length" fit, in one of my favorite Shibui colors. I know I'll wear it plenty next year!

Next week, maybe I'll have a Spring sweater to share. I'm close. and hopefully a weekend full of knitting and basketball is all I need to finish. What are you wishing for this weekend?