Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday | Early Morning Time.'s photo prompt is "key" and my first response was seeing the sunrise. I think rising before the sun is the key to every good day. But today's sunrise just ... wasn't that great. It's ok. Because the real key for me is simply being up "dark early". I am a morning person and have been for years. Getting up in daylight is just weird. I remember a morning in New York when I was helping Katie move for her first post-college job - we'd been up til after 2am (but we'd slept on a made bed); I woke up to the sun streaming in and couldn't believe it was so late...of course it wasn't. Dawn comes well before 6 am in Manhattan in June.

These past few days have been so different - and not only sleep-wise! it's really hard to be up in the dark when you go to bed just a few hours before. (or not at all - new parents are a miracle along with their new babies) In any event, I was happy this morning to be back with my journal and my coffee before the light came.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Settling In.

...Carole had a great prompt today about all the things we do to get our homes ready for fall. Swapping out pillows and candles and other "decor", planting pansies and chyrsanthemums in place of the very tired petunias in the front pots, putting the comforter back on the bed, stocking the pantry with split peas, pumpkin, chicken broth and oatmeal. Yep all of that. But not yet. I'm glad fall doesn't really arrive around here for another few weeks (at least). I have plenty of time to help Katie & Rob settle in at home with little Charlie.

They were discharged yesterday evening (turns out the insurance companies are actually serious about "48 hours" for the baby; I'm really grateful Charlie wasn't born at 2 am!) and their first night home wasn't very restful. I stopped by at lunchtime - this was Holly's first visit and I know "inquiring minds want to know." She didn't bark at him once. Nope, not even a growl. She's certainly curious about what all he's up to, but she's not jealous...more protective I think.

We came back a few hours later for dinner (I cooked-ish! taco salads...definitely need to up my game in the meal department). Holly was still on her best behavior and Charlie napped like a pro. The arm up is a thing with Katie, and with Marc... it must be genetic, right?

I left as he was waking up for his evening meal. I hope he rests this peacefully for at least an hour or two tonight. I know they could use some sleep!

p.s. blond hair!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing Little Charlie

Charles Clay Tieman | born September 13 at 10:22 pm | 7 pounds, 7 ounces | 20 inches

...and everyone is doing fine. They're expecting to go home today, a little nervous, but ready to start being a family on their own.

Saturday was a long day. Thank goodness for college football, coffee and knitting. Marc and I finally got to meet little Charlie just before midnight. Love at first sight for sure!

Then Marc came home (someone needed to take care of Holly and I'm grateful he did!) while I helped Katie get settled into her room. And finally, I got to hold him.


Charlie slept most of yesterday in spite of Katie's best attempts to wake him to nurse (I smile thinking how she's going to look back on that afternoon when he peacefully napped away the hours) and a parade of visiting family.

He did open his eyes a few times

but mostly he peacefully slept.

I've been delighted with all the wonderful good wishes in response to Instagram and emails. Thank you!
Two questions have popped up over and over. First, his name. He's named after Rob's grandfather (Charles is also Rob's middle name) and my dad (his middle name is Clay, after his grandfather Clay Sheffield). I love the family tradition and it's wonderful to see that he really is a Charlie!
Second, I hope to be called Marmie - a play off my name and the mama in Little Women; she's one of my favorite mama characters, especially as portrayed by Susan Sarandon! We'll see how Charlie handles it. His other grandma is Nana; Charlie is her third grandchild, so I expect that will "stick".

Oh, and yes, I did finish the blanket. We had planned to take photos on Saturday morning in the nursery. I kind of love that he'll get to be in those photos now. A beautiful, perfect FO!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11.

...the long-awaited due date has arrived, but so far, no signs of the baby actually arriving. We're ready and waiting. and trying to be patient.

It's weird having a joyful event to (potentially) celebrate on this day. There's still so much sadness and loss fresh on our minds. Certainly those feelings won't fade for anyone who remembers that terrible day 13 years ago. For me, the words "nine-eleven" evoke those memories.

When I started sharing Katie's due date, I purposely said "September 11th". A few people commented about that being unfortunate timing. I replied that I thought it was wonderful to add some happiness and joy to the world on that day (I'm not sure any of those commenters were actually fact I'm pretty sure they couldn't have been, right?!)

And now, after eight or so months of practicing "September 11th", it's a habit. It appears we won't be celebrating a birthday today, but I'm still going to keep saying the date that way. To me, it's an acknowledgement that there is much to celebrate about our country, on this day and every day. This morning, I shared the photo above on Instagram with the caption "11. how I feel today #proud #hopeful #grateful #American".

On a somewhat lighter note, and I hope Katie won't feel too "out in the open" if I share, here's a snippet of the text message exchange we had early this morning.

She was headed into the office for a meeting; thankfully, much of her work has been from home these past few weeks. And with a little more luck, this will be her last in-person appearance until next year!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday | Colors. of my favorite things about finishing knitting projects is starting new ones.

With all the finishing in my recent past, you can bet there will be a lot of starting in my near future! One of the projects I hemmed and hawed about was the next Rowan KAL. I dove head-first into the last one (designed by Martin Storey) and still have 17 balls of yarn and 47 squares to go. To say I hesitated about another one would be an understatement. For about a week. And then I saw the colorways and watched the video. and today I bought the yarn. Note that this time I'm only in for the "small pillow". It's still 2,000 yards of yarn to make a 22" square pillow.

Three things convinced me to join:

  1. Kaffe Fassett. colorwork. (new thing for me. from the master.)
  2. Recent success with colorwork finishing. My least favorite part about knitting is finishing; and weaving in ends is second only to seaming in my that unfavored spot. But three of my last four projects have involved a lot of ends...and it hasn't been that bad.
  3. I can make 2015 the Year of the Afghan and finish my Martin Storey taking a square a week plus the finishing (stay tuned. it's a big goal!)

So I'm in. Along with Vicki. How about you?!

p.s. this is the Brown colorway; Kaffe has four suggested colorways including Brown, Red, Pastel and Turquoise. I chose this one because I love it...and it's also the best match for my family room.

p.p.s. the blanket is blocked...and there's no more news!