Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ten on Tuesday | Time Travels.

...Carole's topic for this week threw me for a loop - "Time Periods You Would Visit If You Had a Hot Tub Time Machine".

1. I hadn't heard about the Hot Tub Time Machine; but I knew
2. there wasn't any other time period I'd want to visit - clothes, food, hygiene, technology, feminism...God knew what he was doing to bring me here in the 1960's. I'm pretty sure I was very unhappy in any previous life.

So I was planning a post about today. It snowed.
the view from my front porch this morning
I babysat Charlie (at Katie's - like last week). Got in a bit of knitting while he napped.
my 6th(?) Traveling Woman; a prayer shawl for a friend's daughter who's having surgery next month
And when he had the second blowout of the day (you know what pears and winter squash can do to your digestive system) we gave him a bath.

love that he's covering up the boy-parts so I can share the whole photo!
Then I walked Holly and drove home...grateful I wasn't living in some other time period where today would've been ... uncomfortable at best, and cold starving at worst.

But now I've had a glass of wine. and I thought I'd see what that Hot Tub Time Machine really was (please - I never want to live without google...ever!) and oh. It's not about visiting a time before I was born, it's about visiting a time I lived...and doing things just enough different that today turns out better/different.

Yep, nothing. still. I might be ok with revisiting a few time periods just to watch (and take a photo or two - I missed many photo opportunities when my girls were young). But I wouldn't want to change a thing - in case today wouldn't turn out exactly this same way.

I'm sure the other Ten on Tuesday contributors have much more imagination than I do! Click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun and here to see what Carole (and everyone else) has shared.

Monday, February 23, 2015


...that's right, folks, it's plural.

I finished (and mailed!) Sara's socks

and that Squirrel! project I posted about last week.

I'm delighted with both - even though neither one was even close to my radar two weeks ago. Quick happy is good happy!

There are seven more balls of that Pure Wool Worsted (assorted colors, left over from last summer's Martin Storey mystery) on the shelf upstairs. I can only hope at least a few have the full 100g so I can turn them into three day socks.

And I have almost half a skein of the laceweight color leftover from Polar Opposites. I'd like to pass it along to one of you (not that I'm encouring more Squirrel! behavior ;-) But if you'd like this extra, leave a comment telling me what yarn you'd mix with it. I'll choose the winner on February 28; depending on where you live, there still might be Polar time to wear it when you finish!

of course I still have more WIP's than I can count on one hand and two deadline projects to start - and finish. more on all of that...soon!

Happy Monday!


Thursday, February 19, 2015


...I've never seen the movie Up, but I've been hearing about "Squirrel!" for years. And it's the best metaphor I have to describe what I experience every other week authoring the shop's newsletter.

I started writing the newsletter late last summer; to date, we've published 18 issues. And I've started ten eleven projects as a result. The good news is that I've finished all but two of them. 

One is the Casco Bay Cardigan I started last week. I was patting myself on the back after publishing the Sparrow Sans letter four weeks ago...and then we got some new cotton in the shop. I bought a sweater's worth before it had even been shelved. I finished the body today (and the FO might even be featured in a future newsletter. win!)

The other is Polar Opposites. I know the exact moment I heard Squirrel!
Yep, this photo - I just love the textures and the colors.

And I realized I had a really nice neutral bulky yarn on hand. Never mind that it was partially knit up in another Squirrel! project. Yesterday morning I ripped out Kantha and and yesterday afternoon I bought a skein of Ulura...and cast on.

Here's my progress after about two hours of knitting. Given our weather forecast, I'm thinking I'll be able to wear it at least a few times this season. (that's good news and bad news :-)

Do you succumb to Squirrel! please share!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ten on Tuesday | Good Things to Come.

...or what we're looking forward to. Seems like a fun way to forget that outside it's icy. I know it's snowy for many of you and colder; this week's topic is a welcome break from winter! Here are ten good things that will be coming my way...soon!

1. Seeing Charlie (and his momma); the ice storm closed schools today and Katie is taking extra care about getting out on the roads. I expect they'll be here later this morning.

Sara's socks...one toe to go!
2. Finishing Sara's socks. She asked for new socks and I hoped to get a pair out of one skein of Rowan Pure Wool Worsted (that I bought Friday at her LYS...along with new dpn's). The first sock weighed 45 g so I thought I'd be fine...but boo! I ran out of yarn just before the second toe. I'll finish off the toe with some fun color and get them into the mail soon (of course she'll have plenty of time to wear them before it gets too warm for bed socks!)

3. ...and a cardigan for me.

4. Sunday's Red Carpet show.

5. Cutting up magazines for this month's One Little Word prompt (also glue and a big piece of canvas).

6. Catching up with all of you - I haven't read blogs since before I left for Madison (yikes! the days just flew by!)

7. A long weekend with my parents next month (and also in April and a whole week in May!)

8. Knitting with the newest Shibui yarn, called Twig. It's a sport-weight linen/silk/wool blend blend and it comes out March 2. I'm still trying to decide on a first project, but thinking I might knit this.

9. Spring. duh, right?!

10. Seeing Sara again...when Madison is green and warm.

How about you? what good things are coming your way?

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Words on Wednesday | Travel Plans.

...that swatch is in progress. and Marc just got home (I have the drink coupons now, too!).