Friday, January 19, 2018

Amaryllis Watch | Week Eight.

This week, the first two buds opened!  I started a daily photo watch the day the snow came ... it's remarkable to me how much can change in 24 hours!


I took this photo while my sister and I had our weekly cocktail hour via FaceTime 😀

and today

Here's a topdown view of that four-blossom bloom. I wonder if the flowers will be so dark?

Waterlogue (and a little bit of photoshop) suggests maybe not!
Streamlined filter
Wishing you a happy Friday and a great weekend - and may your team win on Sunday!!

(Weeks One - Six, Week Seven)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Three on Thursday | About Our Parallelogram KAL.

Vicki and I are hosting a very friendly knit-along for the Parallelogram Scarf from the latest Mason-Dixon Field Guide. In the the spirit of Three on Thursday:

Thing One - We're casting on this coming Saturday, January 20 ... and there's no end date.

Thing Two - Please join us!! Use the tag #ParallelogramKAL on Instagram so we can all follow along.

Thing Three - My yarn is wound (ha, it came that way 😁 - I ordered the Freia Handpaints Kit from Mason-Dixon last November; the gray with purple inside is Vintage and the green with gray inside is Lichen) and I have my needles (surely 100 stitches will fit on those size 5 straights?). I'm not planning to swatch. In other words, I'm ready!

Questions? Please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.

For more ToT posts, check out Carole's blog. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday | Snow Day.

Thank goodness I'm not starting this post with a "yep, still" ... we live in Georgia and Snow Days are just not that common (thank goodness).  In the nearly 40 years I've lived here, I remember plenty of days when I'd wake up to brown grass and dry streets although "snow" was forecasted overnight.

Today was not one of them. Marc's office was closed and the few plans I had were cancelled. Hello Snow Day!

We're still practicing what retirement might look like - as in both of us home all day. every day. Thankfully Marc has a construction project at the golf club (just a short walk away) to check up on. and I have Holly who (much to her - and my - chagrin) must be shepherded outside at least three times a day.

We spent the morning with The Weather Channel, two pots of coffee and the treadmill... and I finally found my stride with some knitting this afternoon.
Bodie - this morning
Now one pocket lining down

and one to go. After that, I have to whipstitch those pockets closed, attach them, weave in ends, soak and block. I half-jokingly told my mom we would be seeing spring temperatures soon because I was nearly finished with a winter sweater.

I hope it's true!

Joining in with Kat and friends today and sending plenty of warm Wednesday wishes to all!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesdays are for Poetry.

yep, still...

I'd planned a different topic for today, but then on Sunday morning, I heard a few lines from this poem and just had to share it with y'all. For context, here's a photo from Katie's wedding that Sara shared on Instagram
with the caption "Who says they don't dance..."

Obvious evidence to the contrary 😉, we don't dance; I've often wished we did.

Every Day We Are Dancers 

It begins with the lewd macarena
each of us performs in the shower,
then the modified twist we are hip to
with that ever-absorbent partner, the towel,

and on to the funky chicken of stepping into underwear,
the shimmy of stretching into hose.
There is no music, none that anyone
can hear, yet no one can escape the boogie.

Outside beneath the disco ball of the Sun
no one is a wallflower, not even the two lugs
in the crosswalk lugging a huge mirror,
one at either end pressing his cheek

into the cheek of his own reflection, arm
extended, hand clasping his own hand in a tango
more about control than passion, one couple
leading himself forward, the other slide-stepping

backwards across the intersection made double
by the infinite burden they shoulder together.
At the entrances of buildings even those afflicted
with two left feet find grace with a stranger

in a revolving door, where, regardless of gender,
we share a pause and glance to communicate
who will lead, who will follow,
close to each other but never quite touching.

- Mitch Roberson | Poetry Magazine (via

...and now I realize, we (all!!) do!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 15, 2018


Hello Monday evening! I just wrote Vicki that I'm enjoying my unplugged mornings so much, I'm falling behind with blogging. That was most definitely not my intent, but I must say, being away from the computer has allowed me to make great progress on books and knitting. I've also enjoyed a few long walks in the park, meet ups with friends for coffee (and knitting) and quiet evenings (except for the exciting football games!) Not that you could tell that from the photos I took this past weekend,

but you might - correctly! - conclude it was all good. My 19 Crimes cork collection is now up to 15 corks (I only lack #3, 7, 10 & 12 for a complete set). Two sweaters (Footprints test - upper right - and Bodie - lower left ) are on track for finishing ... and Marc & I ate lots of yummy (and mostly healthy) snacks.

We're even ok with the football results. It's disappointing that the Falcons are done for the season, but honestly, I'm relieved. It's going to be a lot more fun to cheer for the Vikings now that I don't have any other loyalties 😉.

Here's to a great week!