Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday | Summer Snow.

my brother Steve, my sister Karen and me - Casper Mountain, 1971
As we head into another fifteen days with forecasted highs above 90, I thought it would be a cool time to share this story. My dad was transferred from Houston, Texas to Casper, Wyoming in May, 1971. All three of us kids were born in the south (me in Georgia and Steve and Karen in Texas). and up until that May, we hadn't seen snow.

As my mom tells the story, we left Houston on Saturday, May 22 and headed north, passing through the hottest spot in the country that day, likely somewhere in the Texas panhandle. The next day, we were in Colorado, someplace near Colorado Springs and it started to sleet, with maybe a little bit of snow, too. In any event, it was cold, and of course we were all wearing shorts. What little bit of winter wear we had was packed on top of the car. We pulled into a truck stop to retrieve our coats...and got a lot of curious stares from the natives. My mom says she and my dad laughed about that story for years. I can't imagine what it must've been like...culture and climate shock all rolled into one!

The photo above is captioned "Casper Mountain, First Snow". It was probably taken a few days later - after giving my mom time to unpack a few bags and find our sweaters and long pants!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Perfect Pairing.

Remember when I mentioned Theresa had added some new yarns to the shop? and that I might've brought a few skeins home with me?

Um, yep! Today I'm sharing the first project with y'all. This is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (my first time knitting with this yarn) and it's going to be a blanket for Charlie's little brother.

The gradient possibilities seemed like a perfect match with Purl Soho's Colorful Wedges pattern. And I'd heard wonderful things about knitting garter stitch on larger needles with this yarn....and about how soft and light the fabric is after blocking.

The pattern is written for a sport weight yarn on size 5 needles; I did a rough calculation and cast on 25 fewer stitches on size 9s. 

I think it's gonna be perfect!

In hindsight, maybe I should've titled this post "perfect pairings". How about a little dark early knitting on the porch to see a beautiful sunrise?

Have you used Shelter? I'd love to hear about your experience with it...please share!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ten on Tuesday | An Atlanta Playlist.

Today, Carole's asked us to share songs "about where we live". What a fun excuse to make a playlist*!

I've lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area for over 35 years. Those first eight songs have been part of my playlist since college (well, except for Love Shack which didn't come out until 1989 when I was already married with a child :-) ... but "heading down the Atlanta highway" of course I had to include it).

The Ramblin' Wreck is Georgia Tech's fight song. I remember hearing that one as a kid. My dad was a Georgia Tech alum and that's probably the biggest reason I went there, too. (and then met Marc, and ...we made Atlanta our home).

I added those last two songs because they bring me back here. or when I'm here and missing folks who call (or used to call) this place home, make me smile (or sometimes cry, but almost always in a good way).

...and speaking of "making me smile", here's today's Charlie story:

me: let's go home and have lunch
Charlie: ketchup?

Fun as always, thank you, Carole! and if you're not already playing along with Ten on Tuesday, click here to join.

*and yeah, I'm still using Apple Music; I didn't find anything I liked better and I kind of know how to use it!

Monday, July 18, 2016


...also known as yikes! how can it be Monday (again) already?!

Here's a peek at a few of the highlights from my weekend:

  • I started listening to the backlog of podcasts that had accumulated since I started Book Bingo reading in early June. So now I've heard the last of Ann and Michael (and yep, I cried).
  • I also made a pretty decent start on cleaning out closets and cupboards. I have a big pile of books, clothing and other stuff to donate. (Now there's just one more room to go - my "yarn room" - which also has the biggest closet.)
  • Katie and Charlie spent Friday night and much of Saturday with us (while Rob painted the boys' rooms and hung bead board in their bathroom). It was a treat to have them - even if Marc and I needed an extra night's sleep to recover (man, toddlers are exhausting)!
  • Saturday morning, Katie, Charlie & I visited the Alpharetta Farmers Market. It's a regular weekend stop for them, but it was my first time there in years. It's a lot better than I remember and I hope to make it a regular stop for us, too.
  • Because Marc and I both enjoyed Saturday night's dinner of fresh vegetables, cheeses, salami and crackers and a small pizza. (along with a little wine and a movie on Netflix whose title I can't even recall...yeah, we were tired!)
  • A huge thunderstorm blew through early Saturday evening and left behind a gorgeous sky and sunset.
  • and slightly cooler temperatures which made for a not-too-hot run to the lake on Sunday morning (and a lovely shot of blue sky blooms).
  • I spent a few hours at the shop taking photos for their new website. The shop really looks great (it's hard to believe we've been in the space for almost six years). Theresa has added a lot of needlepoint threads and canvases and a few new yarns as well. I'm really excited about all the possibilities (and I might've even added a few new skeins to my stash :-) 

All that good stuff made it even harder to wrap my head around the news from Baton Rouge (following the news from Turkey). Sad, crazy times. (and that was even before the Republican convention kicked off this week ... ok, I'm done!)

Hoping your weekend was full of the good stuff, too.

Friday, July 15, 2016

FO Friday | Fine (Grey) Sand.

I know I've already shared a finished shot of my latest cardigan, but really, an airport bathroom selfie doesn't do this one justice.

So I asked Katie to take a few photos.

Now you can see what the piece really looks how it's the perfect length to wear with just about any top (and cover up all of my rear end).

...and how the fronts are shaped ever so slightly to give it movement

...and how well the linen wears (seriously, I've worn this at least a dozen times and it's lived in my bag for hours at a time and it still looks just-blocked great when I put it on)

...and how beautiful the lifted increases look in this open gauge

...and how perfect the bracelet length sleeve is for wearing pushed up or down.

...and most definitely how much I love it!

The pattern is Heidi Kirrmaier's Fine Sand and I used the suggested Louet Euroflax Sport Weight (in a color that matches pretty much every top in my wardrobe - appropriately called Cloud Grey). The yarn is 100% linen, and while it's a little stiff to knit with, it softens beautifully after washing and drying (yep, this one goes in the dryer!) There are more details about the project on my Ravelry page (here).

Thank you, Katie, for helping me tell the story.

Wishing you all a fine weekend, with just enough gray!