Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday with Charlie | Capturing the Moment.

...Charlie and I met up with Katie this afternoon at Avalon. We grabbed a blanket and sat down in the courtyard. The last time I was outside in the afternoon (without sweating) was in Madison...at the beginning of July. Of course it's not going to last - yes it is August...in Atlanta - but wow, this weather is glorious!

And oh my is Charlie having fun moving around! Katie took the camera first and then I did. It's always hard to "capture the moment", but getting the good ones, with an almost one year old, yeah... he's off in a million directions and when we're looking here, he wants to look there (especially when "there" is a pair of sisters aged four and two - strangers to us before this afternoon - who delighted in showing off to make him smile...or flirt?!).

Case in point.
and as if the toddler isn't enough, I have a curl that wants to mis-behave!
The courtyard where we sat is huge. Once those sisters left, Charlie had the run of the whole space. He loved it. (apologies for the lighting...we didn't want to apply sunscreen, so we were all in the shade!)

So glad I had all this to share because the rest of the week might be light here. I've got a big newsletter to get out Thursday evening...and I've just started to prep. Hope to be back soon! (and with  at least one FO to share!)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Birthday!

...to my mom! I don't often get to share in the celebration in person, so it's especially sweet that I'm visiting this weekend. We have big plans later today for brownie pie, games, mimosas and FaceTime with family. Hopefully it will seem like 2008, when my brother, sister and I were all here together.

Happy Birthday, Mother! xxoo.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Watercolor Wednesday | Home.

...how meta it is to watercolor a photo taken through raindrops on a windshield?!

I'm glad I turned on the porch lights before I left earlier this evening...and really glad my coming home view inspired a post about something other than Charlie or knitting!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday with Charlie | Action!

...we had a day filled with all sorts of action - and I finally managed to shoot a few short videos on my phone to share*with y'all!

First up, his favorite "Where's Charlie?" game.

then Muppet Arms!

...and finally - steps. Today was the first Tuesday he really walked. Thankfully he "really walked" at home for his mom and dad over the weekend, so this was a joy to see...and share!

*sadly, turns out sharing videos on my blog isn't as easy as I thought it would be! I started this post three hours ago...and now I'm finally going to sit back with a glass of wine, a bit of knitting and some HGTV...and relax!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello, Monday!

...hello one of my favorite days of the week - because you're all mine!

I was up with my alarm. Coffee, email, Instagram (love all the on yesterday's Charlie photo), planner, devotion, journal...and by 6:35 I was out the door for a four-mile run/walk with Lauren. Then a quick yoga stretch routine, a short walk with Holly (it was starting to rain), housekeeping, laundry, a shower...

...and a nearly two-hour FaceTime call with my friend Diane. While we chatted about all sorts of things, I finished square #11 and made a good start on square #12.

I'm headed to Florida Thursday to spend the weekend with my folks (my mom's birthday is Sunday - yay for in-person celebrations!) and I'd planned to take the afghan, but I think I'll have the knitting done - or nearly done - before I go. Since sewing up 16 squares is not a travel project...I'm going to treat myself to three skeins of the new-to-the-shop Woolfolk FÅR and knit Pure. Not that I needed any (more) justification to abandon all my recently organized stash, but next week's newsletter is about the Woolfolk yarn and I think we need a beautiful FO to showcase the yarn. #amiright?

Which means I'm going to finish up here and head to the shop. Nothing like the promise of a new project to get me moving. And nothing like a rainy Monday to make an afternoon at my LYS sound like heaven.

Hope you've got something lovely in store this week, too!