Thursday, August 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday | Happy Birthday Holly!

Holly turned seven on Monday. In dog years this is the last birthday when she'll be younger than I am. Which makes me happy and sad at the same time. I've had a very fun time today thinking about this throwback post and all the wonderful memories we've shared.
2nd birthday - August 2011
The last time I threw her a birthday party was back in 2011 (when she turned two); she didn't have much fun even though she did look very cute in her hat!  So this year, instead of a party, I'm writing a blog post. She's asleep in her bed behind me and I think she's perfectly happy with the low-key celebration.

our first meeting - December 4, 2010
In case you weren't reading my blog all the way back in December 2010, you might not know that's when Holly arrived in my life. December 4 to be exact. Pretty much love at first sight - at least for me. Sara had started college, Marc was traveling a lot and I was home by myself too much. Holly was the perfect solution. She's wonderful company here at home, but also

...she's a great travel buddy - by air (we flew to LA in 2011 to visit Katie) and by car. I might've missed a few trips, but I count Hilton Head and Beaufort, SC; Rosemary Beach, Leesburg, North Palm Beach and Gainesville, Florida; and countless trips to the yarn store, the nursing home, the park and a host of other local spots.
Riding shotgun - July 2011
(Holly)wood - February 2011
Rosemary Beach - September 2011
Thanks to Sara (moving so far away she only gets to see Holly a few times a year), she even has her own Instagram tag. If you ever need a quick boost, check out #HollyaDayforSara.
see what I mean?!
119 and about to be 120 posts - as soon as I share this one.
Holly, age 7 - August 2016
This is the birthday girl today - still looking sharp and aging remarkably well!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Watercolor Wednesday | Every Fair Flower.

this morning in the garden at our local YMCA
Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. Beauty is God's hand-writing -- a way-side sacrament; welcome it in every fair face, every fair sky, every fair flower... 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday with Charlie | Twenty-three Months.

...presented - in honor of Carole's vacation this week - in list form:

1. He ran to greet me - first time - usually I'm there at the car after his mom drives into the driveway, but I missed their arrival today. And now that I know he'll run to see me, I think I'm going to stop being so punctual so I can get a running hug to start all of our Tuesdays.

2.  After waving good-bye, we went right up to the playroom for "toys". I'm never quite sure which toys are going to strike his fancy and this morning he surprised me by going first for the "monster truck" (all trucks are "monster trucks" right now). Then he dug a little deeper in the box (freeing the alligator) and found the puzzles. Sara gave him three for Christmas - colors, numbers and letters. We worked them all (and found all the pieces!). And ended with "fash cards". He loves them - lots of pictures for him to practice his words. 

3. Next up - second breakfast. Oranges and cheerios and some of my apple. We talked about what we'd do today and I showed him some pictures of himself on Instagram (fun for both of us). Then morning chores. He loves to help make Marmie and Poppa's bed. His favorite part is Poppa's pillow. He takes it from me when we start, carefully sets it on the rug and then gravely hands it back when it's time. Marmie and Poppa have different pillows and he seems to know this - he never mixes them up. We also clean the bathroom counters and this is when Charlie gets to put two "wishes" (pennies, from Poppa's dish) in his pocket for later.

4. Prepping lunch. He's been on a pretty steady diet of hardboiled eggs (naturally cold and really quick to prepare) these past few weeks but today he opted for chicken (fingers). also tots ("don't tell your mother"), mixed vegetables and strawberries. I put his plate "in the fridge" so it would be ready once we got home.

5. Little Acorns at Avalon. Monster trucks (there are two big buildings under construction), a slide and coloring. Then he remembered his "wishes". He pulled me up to the fountain, found the two pennies in his pocket and threw them in. This is the look when I asked him if his wishes would come true.

Next up, story time. and finally

6. Riding the train. His favorite car is the open one up front (not gonna lie, it's mine too - more air = good thing in the summer). He's perfected the "waiting to leave the station - selfie with Marmie" wave... and the one he gives to everyone he sees along the way.

7. Lunch. of course we added ketchup to his plate. and he ate all of it, and the chicken and the tots (but left a few vegetables and strawberries). After lunch, we cleaned up (he mops and loads the dishwasher - seriously, his mom is training him well - he loves it!) and then got ready for nap.

8. Nap. He naps on our living room floor on a sleeping bag. We retrieved the bag, a blanket and "old macdonald" (his chosen story - actually Eric Carle's Around the Farm). He drank his milk while we read the story. Then he made sure Holly wasn't lying on his bag (I make a point of showing him that she was settled in my chair), lay down, and went to sleep.

9. for three hours. (subject of another blog post about Tuesday nap time ... three hours is over the top unusual, but I can usually count on two). Today I finished listening to Nobody's Fool - which I loved!! - and added a couple dozen rows the front of my Rose Granite Quill

10. After he woke up, we took Holly out. Then had snack (applesauce and milk) on the porch. and one final bit of toys (we built a tower with the legos) before getting ready to head home.

11*. We left here about 4:50 and I had him home at 5:15. Not great for a 3-1/2 mile drive, but the school traffic is back in session. Along the way we talked about what we'd done today so he could tell his dad.  Sounded pretty fun. and it was.

12. Home. I walked Holly. then came inside, poured a glass of wine and sat down to write this.

I can't help but wonder what the next few months will look like for him. for us. big changes coming!

Hope you've had a list-worthy Tuesday! and thank you for all the good wishes about my phone woes. I was able to get the old one up and running. and hey - the camera still works!

*this really isn't Ten on Tuesday!

Monday, August 15, 2016

First World Problem(s).

I got caught in a downpour on my run this morning. The really hard stuff started just before the halfway point and I was soaked by the time I made it back home. My immediate concern was for my phone. but all seemed fine when I checked it out in the garage - fine enough that I ventured back out into the driveway to take a quick photo to share on Instagram. 
(I was especially proud of the time I clocked for my four mile run - a personal best since I started running again in April!)

A half hour later, things weren't seeming at all fine. I buried the phone in rice (and geez, I hope brown rice works - it's all we had!) and started thinking about what to do in case it doesn't work. The new iPhone is rumored to be coming out September 16. I briefly considered simply waiting until then - I'm due for an upgrade (and I have a birthday, anniversary and Christmas coming up) - but then remembered Tuesdays with Charlie and my upcoming trip to Florida. I need a phone.

So I found my old one (wow, it hasn't even been two years but it seems really old), charged it and was pleasantly surprised it seems to still work. I took it to the AT&T store this afternoon and - even better surprise! - there was no charge to reactivate it. Five minutes later I was out the door with a phone. 

Now I'm waiting for the latest iOS to install (and hoping it will!) - and then I anticipate a few hours for my latest backup to restore.

Hope your week is off to a smoother start...or maybe I need to consider that mine is actually off to a pretty good one, all things considered!

First world problem(s), right?! :-)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Like a Bee.

from Saturday morning's run
Happy to report that I haven't filtered all my recent photos to black & white. This lucky shot is straight off my phone, although it did take a few tries to capture that bee just still enough to not be a blur. Over the course of those few photos, the bee went in and back out of a half dozen of those purple flowers.

My mind's a whirlwind today rethinking a few plans to make room for a new priority...that I can't share here until it's a bit more...formed. I don't like "busy", but like that bee, I do like to plunge into something sweet and new headfirst.

(wish me luck!)