Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beaufort 2014.

...my sister and I spent a lovely weekend away with our mom (and a bit with my dad and a dear family friend). We started the mother-daughter weekend tradition back in 2005 and this was our 6th visit to Beaufort. and maybe the best one yet. the weather was perfect. the food (and wine) was delicious. and of course the company was outstanding.

We share the driving; Karen usually drives down (since she's faster and then we get there sooner!) It's great knitting time for the passenger. I got two repeats of Traveling Woman chart A done before we arrived.

...and the good meals begin. This was our pre-dinner toast at Emily's (which was followed by tapas, six plates!)

Saturday morning we took a leisurely walk through the historic district. Pretty views in all directions.

Saturday lunch at Wren's with all of us (my dad and Charlie join us for Saturday lunch, we attend church together on Sunday and then share brunch after...otherwise, it's just a girl's weekend)

Sunday's weather was even prettier. Slightly cooler with a nice breeze.

Sunday afternoon we pored through the contents of my mom's jewelry box. She wants to be sure everyone gets the pieces they love. Lots of memories there! I added a few prizes to my collection of pins and will share them here soon.

Sunday night we ate at Saltus River Grill and finally had a good dinner photo.

I spent some time last week poring through photos from our five previous trips. And the blog posts  (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012) - love that I six of them now!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorites from Yesterday.

...yesterday's photo prompt was "My fave part of the day." It was a very hard choice...because it was a very good day! Here's why:

First, dark early quiet time. I have finally adjusted to the time change and was up before 5.

And good thing I was up early - I had to leave the house at 7:40 to pick up Pat and Penny to go to Stitches South. The traffic was light (yay for spring break and blue skies) and we arrived in plenty of time to snag front row seats for Amy Herzog's opening talk. It was terrific (sorry, no photos). All about choosing the right sweater shapes and details to flatter your figure.

Lunch was delicious (again, no photos). Grilled caesar salad and key lime tarts. I cleaned my plate!

I took Amy's Sweater Boot Camp class in the afternoon. And it's a good thing Amy doesn't read my blog. Because here's my favorite part of that class (sorry, Amy - you have a smile on your face nearly all the time - and my one photo doesn't show it!)

Yep, she used the word's hypotenuse and Pythagorean Theorem and armscye. All in one sentence. with illustrations! She's also got me thinking a lot about sweater construction and I think I'm about to convert to loving seams.

The marketplace was really the only disappointment of the whole day. Our LYS is fabulous, so I wasn't planning to buy any yarn, but pretty stitch markers? or a cute project bag? I looked...and found nothing. My only purchase was another set of Kollage square dpn's, size 1, for when I start knitting socks again.

A very helpful security guard snapped this photo of us on the way out. That's Pat on the left, me (in my Tsubasa) and Penny on the right.

We made it back home just in time for a quick Holly walk and then met our friend Becca for dinner. Cheers!

Another delicious meal (this time with wine) and some very fun girl talk. I'm not sure if this is really a good idea, or just the wine, but we've decided to re-read some of our favorites from the 1970's and 80's. We're starting with Valley of the Dolls. ...stay tuned!

So yes, it was a hard choice...but this morning I settled on that dark early photo. because that's my favorite everyday. I shared the wine toast as a favorite, too, for a "special" day.

How about you - what was your favorite part of yesterday?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


...so I was all set to blog about my upcoming knitting plans last Thursday. The latest issue of Knitscene had arrived in the shop and I was almost finished with Tsubasa and ready to buy yarn for my next sweater. I was planning the Bokeh Tank - not only because I love the design, but also because it suggests a mix of Shibui's Linen and Silk Cloud. My shop was hosting a Shibui Mix party on Friday afternoon...and I had a ticket! I was going to swatch, and buy my yarn, and cast on as soon as I really did get Tsubasa finished. Last Wednesday, I looked at colors...

I made good progress on the finishing (one neckband, two side seams, two arm bands...all that remained was weaving in ends and blocking) before the Mix party - I even bought the magazine and copied the pattern. And then I went to the party. which included a trunk show. And all those best-made plans were...derailed.

Oh yeah. That Bokeh Tank is still in my queue, but it's behind three other projects - none of which were even on my radar before Friday afternoon!  Here's what jumped in front of the Bokeh Tank.

First up, and what I cast-on Sunday, is Coco Knits' Anna. If you're counting, yes, this is my third project in Shibui Heichi's Caffeine and yes, that is what I used to knit Tsubasa. Turns out I had an extra skein and Anna only calls for five...buying just four skeins to make a sweater - which everyone told me looked great - and which will be a perfect traveling piece next month...well it was a no brainer.

Mix No 28 (c) Shibui Knits
Next up, Mix No 28. Again, what sold me was the trunk show. Trying it on (seeing how to wear that buttoned scarf three different ways) and feeling the fabric is something the pictures online just can't do.  I think the Pebble/Linen blend might be my favorite...and it's perfect for Spring/Summer/Fall here. I won the pattern (!!) and bought the yarn in a slightly more gray/beige than what's shown in the pattern photo.

Belle (c) Coco Knits 2012
And finally, Belle. This is another Coco Knits piece that I'd only seen in pictures until Friday. There were two samples in the trunk show - both, I think, are pictured on the Ravelry pattern page (the purple and the apple green in Shibui Linen). Sandy (from Shibui) said it would be a great pattern for their newest Kavo, a cotton silk blend with a bit of texture, and I'm planning to use that. I did not buy the yarn for this one, but it is next up in my queue. Stay tuned. Plans are subject to change :-)

I did get Tsubasa done. It took three days to dry, but this morning I trimmed all the ends and hung it on Madeline for a few quick photos. I'm going to Stitches South on Thursday and if I'm lucky, I'll even get a modeled photo or two! (and no, I am not going to buy any yarn.)

What was the last pattern or yarn or anything else that derailed your knitting plans?