Friday, February 24, 2017

Cheers | 19 Crimes.

Have y'all heard about this wine? I discovered it at Costco last December. It's $8.49 a bottle and remarkably drinkable. Everyone I've shared it with loves it ... even more when I tell them how much it costs!

It wasn't until I was well into the second case, though, that I read the story. ...and a few bottles later that I discovered the corks.

My collection has been stalled for the last couple of weeks (in spite of buying a bottle at Sara's TJ's last weekend ... I was sure Wisconsin would offer up a different crime, but nope, it was another #4.)

...until last night!

Truly, the only thing better than a good daily drinker, is one that makes opening each new bottle a game!

Cheers to Friday! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hell Yeah Homeland.

Sara is a huge Homeland fan. I've known that for years; she's the real reason I watch the show and feel connected to the story. But what I didn't learn until last fall was that she created a whole website  and community around the show. It's called Hell Yeah Homeland

Part of my "preparation" for Sunday night's episode was reading through posts about the season and then listening to a few of the podcasts. I'm consistently impressed by the quality of the writing. Sara and six others host the site. The "six others" was a fairly recent addition and much needed - it is a ton of work! and the additional perspectives have created some interesting and fun dynamics in the conversation. 

Season 6 is almost to the halfway point and things are getting ... tense in Sara's world. While I was visiting, I was privileged to watch her interact with the site and her team members. 

And on Monday, we recorded a podcast. For reals, y'all, it's on iTunes

I listened to it for the first time yesterday and was impressed - not only with the quality of the production (that's all Sara) but also our conversation. You can even hear my needles clicking (finishing up the second of Sara's apartment socks). 

The feedback from the community has been wonderful. 
two of my favorite comments
I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I can't imagine Sara being this passionate and dedicated to anything different.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rainy Day Blues.

It's always hard to re-settle after a wonderful trip ... but I'm struggling a bit more than usual this time. I brought a cold home with me (and I sincerely hope I didn't leave any of it behind for Sara), missed yoga this morning because the groomer was running behind when I dropped Holly off ... and it's raining.

How about we look at a few happy yarn and knitting photos to cheer us all up!

First, Wisconsin on the homebound flight, accompanied by E.B. White and a glass of merlot.

The sweater features lace panels down the sides - I'm almost done with the first repeat. I think those little bits of lace will be just enough to keep the stockinette body from getting boring.
And then the sweater I've queue'd up next. It's another Amy Miller design (yep, that will be three in a row*) and I bought Luma, a wool/cotton/linen/silk blend, from my Madison LYS. There aren't any keep-it-interesting details in this one, but I need a piece like this in my spring wardrobe (and I figure it will be good for Alaska, too!)

*I've knit a lot of sweaters from a lot of different designers and Amy is certainly my latest crush. I love that she mixes up construction methods, adds shaping where it's needed and writes easy-to-follow patterns. I also like her style. Expect to see more of her designs cropping up in my queue!

and p.s. it's so nice to be posting from my laptop today. I really appreciate all the encouragement and kind words y'all shared for my iPad posting over the weekend. For sure I need a lot more practice (and for sure, I don't need it today!)

Monday, February 20, 2017


Whoa, time flies and all that. but hey, I finished a pair of apartment socks for Sara!
even without kntting for most of yesterday. or even thinking about writing a blog post.

because Homeland. (more to come. soon. promise!)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wisconsin Day 3.

...making progress on the sweater

(it needs another inch)

and the Project. Yikes y'all should've told me yesterday's photos were too big! I won't be able to fix them until I'm home, but hopefully today's won't be too bad.

Happy Saturday!