Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Totally Random.

Yep, I've got nothing today but a little extra time and a cute photo of my dog.

I left my comfy perch at the kitchen counter for just a minute and when I came back, Holly wasn't in her bed. I looked in the normal places like the rug by the front door, or under my desk, or in the living room, but no Holly. ...and then there she is

tucked into a space that only she could fit into. I knelt down and asked her to smile. Forward ears and bright eyes is her way of smiling, I think.

I'm now back at the counter and she's now back in her bed. All is again right in our little world.

Here are some other random thoughts for today:

1. My Instagram feed is full of people on fabulous vacations ... nothing like a bit of vicarious beach, ocean, Scottish highlands, delicious food and fun cocktails.

2. Marc emailed me a recipe for sweet potato bagels. I proceeded to Amazon and ordered a spiralizer and a bagel mold. They're arriving tomorrow and I plan to surprise him with sweet potato bagels for dinner.

3. I hope he emailed me the recipe because he thought it looked good.

4. I have nine more rounds of 1x1 ribbing before I bind off the body of my Tide Chart sweater. 1x1 ribbing on 3mm needles is really slow.

5. We are enjoying a most pleasant break from the rain. It was 61 degrees (with 95% humidity - it is Georgia in June) on today's early morning walk.

6. I am completely in awe of Joji's Inspiration for the Starting Point Shawl. I did not join the MKAL - and I'm still not sure I'd want to knit a 5-color shawl with 2,000 yards of fingering weight yarn, but I cannot stop thinking about it. (or pulling up the photos on my phone to show everyone else.)

7. I've been blogging for almost 10-1/2 years. This will be my 2003rd post. I totally meant to celebrate that 2000th post (last Thursday). and to reiterate my thanks to all of you for visiting and being part of it.

8. I am grateful every single day for the wonderful community we've built here.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekending | Bright Spots.

We've had a really wet June.  Not that I'm complaining - it's wonderful to see all the green and our water and power bills are more like spring than summer - but it does get a little dreary. My 100 day project has really helped keep me focused on the bright spots!

Saturday was a day full of friends and family. Lauren and I enjoyed a not-too-wet walk in the park. Then Diane and I had a nice long catchup over FaceTime. Katie and Rob hosted a family gathering in the afternoon - a wonderful opportunity to see my favorite boys

and try out a new-to-me recipe for green goddess dip (I loosely used this one and will definitely be making it again) with the vegetable plate. Katie made the cheese plate and there were also chicken wraps and wings (my family makes great snacks!)

Yesterday morning it wasn't raining so I took Holly for a long walk to the lake. I almost never take her that far because I end up having to carry her for most of it. But all the rain has played havoc with her regular schedule and we both needed the exercise. This view is just before we get to the lake - the roses and hydrangeas are a little waterlogged 😉

By late afternoon, the sun was peeking out ... perfect timing for a shadow selfie (and a beer)!

What bright spot(s) did you find this weekend?

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Eye Candy Friday | A Morning in the Garden.

The Botanical Gardens feature prominently in my summer bucket list - not only to practice with my camera* but also to explore and play with Charlie. Tuesday morning, we did all of that! Katie took the day off, so we went with both boys (and a whole trunkful of gear :-)

There are morning programs in the newly opened Children's Garden every day. Tuesday is Garden Playtime with "hands-on learning and sensory stations."  There were at least a half dozen stations with real bugs, play dough, and hidden "bugs" for the children to find.

We thought Charlie would enjoy the Splash Pad, but I think it was his least fun activity of the entire morning!
iPhone photos - I didn't want to get my camera wet
His favorite activity just might've been the Family Restroom. He and his mom visited the Yellow Door and the Green Door ... and that's when I had little Sam and my finding light moment.

The main garden features The Curious Garden. It is indeed curious. and also very fun.

It was a very cloudy morning; the city skyline was barely visible. I certainly didn't have to worry about any sun flares! 

And we didn't have to worry about seeing everything on this one visit.  I'm already planning my next morning with Charlie and an evening with his mama and a few girlfriends for Cocktails in the Garden

Yummm, when I snagged that Cocktails link I saw those drinks - I'm definitely a gin girl, but I might just have to give vodka a try this weekend. That White Rose Kennedy looks awfully tempting!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ... and a few fulfilled temptations!

*I had the 24mm lens (with no filters) on my camera for the entire visit. It is a wonderfully lightweight lens for being out and about. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Think Write Thursday | My Favorite Accessories.

Today's Think Write Thursday topic is to write about our three favorite things to wear.

The first one came to me in a second. Of course it's pearls. They've been my signature necklace for years. I have strands that belonged to my grandmothers and - thanks to Marc's many trips to Asia - I also have a wide variety of colors and sizes, plus bracelets and earrings. 

The second two I wasn't so sure about ... maybe lip gloss and mascara? my wedding ring? my Apple Watch?

But as I was taking the photo to share with this post, I saw it quite clearly.

Pearls ... with a hand knit and a smile.

Linking up with Carole and Kat today ... and looking forward to reading about what you love to wear!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Unraveled Wednesday | A Spoiler and a Bingo!

Posting this mid-afternoon because until about an hour ago, all I had to share on the knitting front was a lot of stockinette. But after a few hours at the kitchen counter (listening to The Heart Goes Last), I have this
on Ravelry here
and only three more repeats of that mosaic left before I'm ready for clue 2 tomorrow. I'm calling this project "Never Say Never":
"I was explaining to my sister that I wasn’t going to participate in this year’s MKAL because I didn’t really like knitting (or wearing) two colored shawls unless they were Georgia Tech’s gameday colors. As soon as those words were out of my mouth, I remembered that I had white & gold to knit myself a new gameday piece for the fall. Never say never!"
This is my fourth MKAL with Kirsten and the first time I'm actually using more than one color.

Earlier this morning, I also finished another book and woot! I have a Bingo!
That book was Jimmy Carter's latest memoir, A Full Life. I completely enjoyed it and took a little more time than usual with my review on Goodreads:

A Full Life: Reflections at NinetyA Full Life: Reflections at Ninety by Jimmy Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summer Bingo - Memoir of a US political figure.

I would certainly give five stars to the person that Carter is - his optimism, intelligence, integrity and basic decency are sadly lacking from today's political landscape. I was too young to vote for him (I missed the 1980 election by a few weeks), or to know much first hand about the issues he faced. And I was surprised (and also saddened, given today's politics) by how bipartisan Washington was back then. Carter had a bold agenda and managed to accomplish much of it. The book was a little choppy and I debated about four vs five stars, but ultimately decided it really doesn't matter. So - five stars!

I listened to him narrate about 80% of the book and read along as well. I really enjoyed listening to him tell his story, but think I'd recommend the book, because it includes photographs and paintings (by him!) that add a lot to the material.

Three quotations sum up nicely what I loved about the book - and the man:

From the Introduction, talking about his four years as President:
I look back on those four years with peace and satisfaction, knowing that I did my best and had some notable accomplishments. Vice President Mondale summarized our administration by saying, "We told the truth, we obeyed the law, we kept the peace." I would add, "We championed human rights."
Sad, isn't it - no President since then could say that.

From his 1970 inaugural address as Georgia's governor:
and I say to you quite frankly that the time for racial discrimination is over. No poor, rural, weak, or black person should ever again have to bear the additional burden of being deprived of the opportunity of an education, a job, or simple justice.
And finally, from a section titled "A Future America", on the second to last page:
When people in other nations face a challenge or a problem, it would be good to have them look to Washington for assistance or as a sterling example.

Our government should be known to be opposed to war, dedicated to the resolution of disputes by peaceful means, and, whenever possible, eager to accomplish this goal. We should be seen as the unswerving champions of human rights, both among our own citizens and within the global community. America should be the focal point around which other nations can rally against threats to the quality of our common environment. We should be willing to lead by example in sharing our great wealth with those in need. Our own society should provide equal opportunity for all citizens and assure that they are provided the basic necessities of life.
Joining in with Kat and crew today (and looking forward to seeing what y'all are knitting and reading this week)!