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Friday, April 27, 2007

happy fridaying.

Ok, so somewhat in backwards order - but after work today, I picked up my 4th shipment from the Lange Winery Cru Club - three bottles of white and three bottles of red delivered three times a year. So not quite "delivered", more like "picked up from the close by UPS depot" because wine deliveries require someone over age 21 to sign for them...and I'm never home when the UPS guy comes. My wine fridge is six bottles fuller and I'm looking forward to enjoying the new selections. Of course I still have bottles from my 1st delivery and it reminds me I need to get busy drinking - especially the pinot gris and sauvignon blancs which aren't for aging. Katie comes up Wednesday and I plan to open something special to celebrate TWO years of college ... finished! (and Katie does like white wine...not like I'm trying to put anything over on her!)

I had a really good week at work - doesn't always happen - and I wasn't really thinking it would turn out so well. I'm down a key manager (who had skills I've never way I can fill his shoes, just trying my best to bridge the gap gracefully) and we had budgets due. But by some miracle it all came together and I was making my next week to-do list early this afternoon. Love it! and to celebrate the good feeling, I took a few photos of my work space - I do spend a lot of time there, and figured some of my family who read this blog might like to see it!

what I see most of the time - this is the straight-on view of my desk - great wallpaper on the laptop from american crafts - pink starbucks mug is an anomaly (marc took sara to school this morning so I got coffee at starbucks on the way in ... early) stacks of paper, lots of files, I pride myself on being able to find stuff quickly!
the view from my window (I did pull up the blinds) - how wonderful is it to look out on trees and so much green?
a closeup of the view - zooming in on the very pretty bridge over a creek and so many trees
So - not so bad a place to spend so many hours...

Making me smile:
*Article in today's AJC about recent movie DVD releases - one of the reviewed DVDs is for "Farewell to the World: Crowded House" ...which I remember from Cathy Zielske's blog is a favorite. And I know they sound familiar. And I holler out to Sara - hey, have you heard of Crowded House. And she answers "Yes, Mom...duh...and you've asked before...and you've heard them like a hundred times" (or something like that). And I apologize for lack of memory. And check my iPod. And sure enough - a Crowded House song - Fall at Your Feet. And I listen. And I like it. (and I think maybe I need to get this DVD) [and I did spend 5 minutes on trying to find the article...unsuccessful - if anyone has suggestions on how to find the on-line articles from the actual paper, please let me know!]
*Hair cut/color with Carla tomorrow morning - yeah!! - four weeks seems to go by awfully fast these days.
*My neice and god daughter Jillian is getting confirmed tomorrow - such a milestone and I'm honored to share the celebration with her.
*Marc's going to Talladega (oh my, no idea if I'm spelling it right and no way am I going to check!) on Sunday...all day...Aaron's has a car and Marc has a new hat (actually more than one) and a new shirt - and I'm glad he's going and glad I'm not and glad I might be able to work on my creative stuff all day (after I run, buy groceries, pay bills,...but still)
*I ordered Ali's new kit... not at all pressured because only 33% of the quantity was still available :-)
*These new blogs I discovered in my ramblings this week:
la vie en rose...a sweet life - beautiful photos and words

jamie waters - there was this one time- she's featured in Ali'sbook(s?) and I love getting a look into her 'real' life

life love paper - how about Alaska? seems so far...geographically...from Georgia, but maybe not so much - and she has the same blogspot layout as we do - what a difference the colors make!...and from this site, I found

scrapjacked - which seems much more approachable from a 'dares' standpoint than the effers. I know Katie loves the effers, but I'm not sure I'm creative, in the moment, enough for those. But I'd like to try something...
{all these links are stored in my trial run favorites folder}

People find out I blog, and journal and scrapbook and ask how I do it all. Common answer, not so well. But really, they're all very different and I just have to manage my time well to find time for all. The blog is the most public - I put stuff here that I think might interest other people - mostly my family and friends (but I do harbor a secret wish that I might meet other interesting people this way...but where would I find the time to really get to know them!). The journal is the most private. Katie started it for my as a birthday gift last November. There I try out things - happy thoughts mostly - and try to be creative - it's very colorful. And the scrapbooking - I'm trying to get out of the mode of 'notated photo album' and more into capturing thoughts...but it's hard. I love Elise Blaha's daily cards - love how she creates something every day. I'd like to do that too, but it's not realistic right now. For me, maybe blogging a few times a week, journaling a few times a week and maybe one scrapbook page a week would be a terrific accomplishment. start next week!

Happy Friday! and p.s. did anyone notice I've decided I was being WAY too lazy with all the uncapitalization in early posts. So I'll try to do better. Definitely not promising complete sentences which would be way too hard...and boring...and besides no one really talks that way. But hopefully the improved capitalization will make for easier reading for all of us!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

um, katie likes all wine.

Saturday, 28 April, 2007  

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