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Sunday, April 15, 2007

oh boy, long weeks.

i'll start from the beginning...
very stressful first couple of weeks after new york; getting things together for the summer and upcoming fall semester...lost keys, hard tests, not seeing friends and other people, no sleep, no running...

the lists.

but then, everything started to get better...

mama, i love you...and have never gotten anything like this how special you are to me. (but hate how hard this week ended up being for you too...maybe we should have a de-stress lunch or coffee before getting into the exam swing)

had time to write, and get nails painted in a very happy pink...

relay for life was amazing (and we raised $104,000 in combined donations to ACS and funds going directly to cancer research programs at Tech) and at first I was very frustrated and overwhelmed about ohhh, all of it--getting things set up for friday and saturday night, and being responsible for making the event bigger and better for next year. But, this huge contribution has really made me remember what it's all about, which has helped me keep the right attitude and state of the list of relay 2008 ideas begins.

at relay from 12 noon friday to 7:30 am saturday morning; slept 8:30 am to 12:30. then up and about...last minute make-up at MAC...big-time smoky eyes that I fell in love with; cannot even stop smiling when I think (even now) about the new dress, new boyfriend (who showed up at my door in tux with beautiful purple lilies....haha, it looks like I've been sick or someone died when you see all the flowers in my room). Had formal at the View at King Plow Arts Center...need to explore that 'center' more, because I loved the venue and am wondering what it's really all about.

Danced all night (and my feet fo sho still hurt) to marvin gaye, al green, otis redding, van morrison. won-der-ful...then hit the pillow and fell asleep. immediately.

rainy chilly weather today, oh boy. slept for a little while, watched 8 1/2 and from what i actually was awake for, kinda digged it--maybe amelie meets silent film meets eternal sunshine of the sleepless italian. then to atlanta book exchange, and bought El general en su laberinto to read this Spanish, whoa. And Four Quartets, TS Eliot. Then to the Flying Biscuit for an early dinner...brie, salad, way too much coffee for a sunday night. Felt very chilly, but I really liked it. Will never stop loving scarves and sweaters, and love feeling like I could read a book and mull spices and knit all day.

Hoping to go to some showings for the Atlanta Film Festival; wishing I had some cute colored headbands like Sara--who is prettier every day! o!; listening to Elliott Smith's Angel in the Snow and Cat Power on serious repeat (and impatiently awaiting the new b-sides/rarities release); planning weekend trips in Europe (going to book hostels and flights...thinking Dublin/Edinborough, Vienna, Prague, London...and...?); being a serious list-maker.

Will be out of town friday to sunday--at amicalola falls...better not be this cold! ah! can't remember the last time I went camping; but think it was the staff overnight when we got lost on the midnight hike and hiked something like 20 miles. boo. that is not happening again.

( all of my new york papers.)


can't wait to see you monday. love for everyone. so much.


Blogger Mary said...

great update - beautiful flowers and very beautiful YOU...looking forward to seeing you later today. xxoo.

Monday, 16 April, 2007  

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