Tuesday, May 1, 2007

interesting things.

...that I've picked up on my blog-land wanderings over the past few days.

this is Ranunculus Print from Sara Hogan's etsy shop (found on Oh Joy!). I love the colors and the subject - also like these cards (wouldn't it totally brighten your day to receive one of these in the mail?).

and this posting from montmarte's sketchbook (a blog I'm already exploring - see the bar to the right) made me think of Katie! the trailer for the film says coming soon - maybe that's why this was the first I'd heard of it.

and really just for fun, this blog, which I found from comments on mav's (of 3191 and port2port, two of my daily reads because they're always pretty and I usually find at least one or two new ideas) flickr site. Amanda is quite talented and I love her sewing and vintage style. Oh, and I'm very glad I don't live in Maine where it snows in April (and probably in May, too).

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