Thursday, June 21, 2007

hydrangeas and a pixie cut.

these gorgeous blossoms were grown by Carla, my wonderful hairdresser. I think she might love hydrangeas more than I do. yes, hard to imagine. but she does have many (many!) growing in her yard, and for all my love, I have none. Carla and I go w-a-y back. I think she gave Katie her first haircut and Katie has always had lots of hair. Maybe 20 years? She's a good friend and we have fun talking about all kinds of things - not only hydrangeas, but kids, sororities, cooking, beach trips, decor, diet, books, I guess everything!

So today was my usual once-every-four-weeks, booked-months-in-advance visit. A bit shorter than usual, more pixie, and just a bit more blond. The new do:

(and thanks to all that excitement, I got home too late to have good light to photo the cartes postales from today's mail - one from Katie and one from Sara - and the "Love what you do" journal posting...promise for tomorrow!)

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  1. Love the cut Mary, think you might have to post another one where we can see the highlights. Read a clip from next book club book- woud love to read it when you're done. Found a knit shop to visit on the way to Nashville- The Knaughty Knitter- sounds kinky! Hope to have the blog up before we go, another WIP! Enjoy the weekend.


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