Tuesday, June 19, 2007

no post offices in italy.

...that's my conclusion, anyway. Today, 7 postcards - yes SEVEN - and 1 letter arrived from Katie, postmarked Zurich, but the postcards are from Florence, Rome and Venice. From my cartes postales set on flickr:

1. carte postale 3 front, 2. carte postale 3 back, 3.carte postale 4 front, 4. carte postale 4 back, 5. carte postale 5 front, 6. carte postale 6 back

and in case you're wondering, I've been good - only read the 3 postcards and 1 letter addressed to me! (but boy am I curious about what she's written to Marc and to Sara...and I can't find about Sara's cards til Friday!)

Mail from Sara has been a bit more regular (after all, North Carolina is in the same country as Georgia, and really, just a state away :-) and she's gotten into collages on her card fronts - can't tell you how much I love that! here's the card that arrived on Saturday (I need a butterfly punch :-)

needless to say, my plans for this evening got a bit sidetracked. Bookclub tomorrow night. and I actually find myself "running out of alone time". hummmm....

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