Wednesday, June 27, 2007

playing with pencils. - I got brave today and tried a new technique with colored pencils. I mean, how could I not be inspired by this post? Kal's blog is first on my daily read list (I guess because - surprise?! - I have the list in alphabetical order and the "[" at the front of the title sorts to the top!) and I read this and thought - ok, this post was enough to pique my interest, but the scrapping application, I must try it.

my results:

I wasn't at all sure about how I felt about it - too simple? I love how the girls' faces just "pop", but the colors? And tonight I showed Sara and she said "wow - that's cool". So maybe it is, or maybe it's the photo (which is obviously a favorite - it's in the masthead on the blog), but so what. I intend to try this more. Maybe with flowers. Since I can't draw them from scratch, maybe I can color them!

Lydia asked to see a picture of the new pixie cut that showed more highlights. Honestly, I've been a bit disappointed with the highlights, because I can't really tell any difference (and Marc hasn't commented, but I wouldn't necessarily take that to mean...anything). But I saw wonderful Jo today at Spa Sydell and the first thing she commented on was the cute cut and the highlights. So - maybe it's just me that I can't see it. Another photo - what do you think?


  1. I think I finally got the google log-in thingy figured out. Love the highlights, definately show up better outside. Wish I could go with short bangs. Color pencil experiment is interesting, can you use any colored pencils? I want to look at the link again and read the details. Still thinking about the sock obsession deal. Have a great weekend.

  2. I think you can use any colored pencils. Mine are prismacolors - I bought a set of 24 with a Michael's 40% off coupon. But then decided the 24 colors were not enough...and some were just boring. I added about 12 more from Dick Blick ($0.99 each) in newer colors. And Karen Lockhart (from last weekend's post about stamps) has about 12 even newer colors that I think I like - but Dick Blick doesn't have them yet.

  3. I love your pencil crayon photo application! Too cool. That's a GREAT shot of your girls. LOVE it. And I SUPER LOVE that you gave it a whirl.

    AND, I really like the highlights, too!


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