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Friday, June 15, 2007

taking a deep breath.

...yes...multiple, very deep breaths. I am spending my first Friday night alone in practically forever. I do have Chance. But it's been a very one-way conversation.

Me: "don't lick"
Me: "no"
Me: "NO"
Me: "no licking"
Me: "NO LICKING...please"

He listened.

No new cartes postales, no new letters, no new photos and I'm missing my girls like crazy! ...and can't call either one of them. Which is probably a good thing right now. Yes, this is good for me. I feel like I'm building me. I know self-sufficiency is a key trait. And maybe I'm a little surprised that I could think of crumbling just 70 minutes into the weekend. So ... deep breath.... [ETA - and this doesn't mean I don't miss Marc, too - I do!!! but he's close by and will be home tomorrow and I know he's having fun...about the girls I'm not so sure and really, maybe that's the part that matters most - if I knew they were having fun it would help...I think they are, but some reassurance would help]

I have these beautiful new blooms in the front yard. Prize to anyone who actually knows what they are. I loved the 5 minutes of activity it took to get a good shot of them. And how cool is it that I have 5 minutes to capture this kind of beauty?!

I tried to take a self portrait with the camera-mirror thing. Not so good at that! And I think I need a good one to kick off that "self discovery" scrap page... without a picture, it can only be a journal entry...
this is my new favorite outfit. pink silk skirt, cotton sweater with a very cool town design, lace cami underneath and cream patent-leather flats (which wouldn't show up even if the picture did turn out :-) Wore to work today because we had lunch with the new President of HR outsourcing at Hewitt (Jay Rising). Big deal. Old president left about a year ago and he never even visited our office. I sat next to Jay at lunch - glad I thought to wear my "I think I look good today" outfit!

Anyway, about the self-portrait...kind of disappointing...because after I finish the "2 of us" layout (long-armed shots of me and Sara since March) I have NO more pictures to scrap - which is maybe why I'm putting off finishing it - I did the layout last weekend. Figured it all out and typed the journaling. I do need to figure out paper and embellishments, but that's usually the quick part for me. The hard part is the photos and how they fit onto the page with the journaling.

I do take a lot of pictures, but right now, none of them are inspiring me to create a scrap page. Maybe I need to spend some time with the photo album....


Blogger Lydia said...

I'd love to see the pink skirt. Enjoy the solitude, just finished a batch of cranberry oatmeal cookies for the boss's birthday on Monday, and a loaf of banana bread- what else do you do with browning bananas? Hope to get crafty this weekend, and catch some rays at the pool. 6 more rows left of baby blanket 1 of 4! Tell Chance hello

Friday, 15 June, 2007  

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