Saturday, July 14, 2007

a beautiful life milestone.

Marc and I were invited to Charlie Loudermilk's 80th birthday party. Thursday night - dinner at the Atlanta History Center followed by dessert and the Charlie Daniels Band in concert at the Roxy. Such a lovely party. So cool to see how many different people were there to celebrate. Young, old (some very old!), famous, not-so-famous, family, friends, business associates. Charlie has had a very full life and we were glad to share the milestone birthday with him.

And how cool is it to have the Roxy lights wish him a happy birthday!

{just for fun, I googled Charlie+Loudermilk to find something to link above - since some folks who read this might not know who he is. We know him as the CEO of Aaron Rents - the company that Marc works for - try it - you'll get a better idea of his "full life"!}

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