Saturday, January 26, 2008

freeze frame.

...done! photoshop collage #2. this one was way way easier, so maybe photoshop is starting to click? and as I pulled it together, I couldn't help wondering how different my life might be if I'd documented it this well all along? I also thought about what was different this Friday from other Fridays (while I'm working):
::worked out with Rob - normally that's just a Sunday thing
::a bite of breakfast at home - lately it's been a granola bar at my desk
::only one in person meeting (which I didn't photo) - one of the things I love about the office is meeting with people face to face
::getting together with Steve, Lydia, Karen, Ron et al for the January b-day celebration. Rancho Grande. Good margaritas, ok food and very so-so service. but no group photo.
::up past 10 pm working on a photo collage


  1. That's cool!!! Like the photocollage a lot!

  2. this is fantastic. love the photo collage idea.

  3. Awesome!! The photo collage is a great way to document your day!!

  4. Wow, just love your cool take of the PA08!! Well done!!

  5. photos are great, like the reflective part about comparing Friday's. look forward to learning so photo tips from you


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