Thursday, May 22, 2008

summer jobs.

...marc and I are proud to say that both of our girls have jobs for the summer! katie texted this morning to say she had a full-time hostess job at Two Urban Licks (right...all those details weren't really obtained til the 11:30 a.m. phone call!) and sara has decided to study "home-keeping" this summer. which means we're laying off our regular maids and so can direct that weekly payment to her. the idea of even taking this approach occurred to me after I made my mother's day card, and realized how much I appreciated knowing how to clean, how to sort darks, lights and delicates and how to make a menu, shop, cook...and balance my checkbook. so marc and I - with some input from sara, crafted a "summer job" description that will help teach sara...and help keep us in good home.

would love to get your comments for the best home-keeping lessons you've learned - thanks!

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  1. love the summer job idea- great bosses, no commute, what more could you ask for?! best cleaning tip- to clean a microwave, 1 cup water with some lemon juice, "cook" for 5 minutes, leave door shut- everything wipes clean. can't wait to hear how this goes. glad to hear less work travel- wow how different yours is from mine-


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