Tuesday, September 2, 2008

here's to america.

1. here's to america, 2. august birthday phase 10 tournament, 3. make a wish, 4. cards, 5. i-75 sunset, 6. sunday brunch, 7. cards...again, 8. after dinner, 9. sunday snacks, 10. knitting, 11. pre-wish, 12. cards, 13. before dinner
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...hopefully a not-too-controversial title for a blog post about a fabulous weekend. celebrating my mom's 70th birthday. my brother, my sister and I drove to florida to spend the weekend with my mom and dad. in addition to all the photos above, we took two before we left on monday and my mom liked them in front of the flag - a focal point in her family room - and, I think, a fitting tribute to what I like best about america...families, shared histories branching out to create new traditions, abundance, a solid work ethic, shared values and love. truly, these are the same things I love about my family. and I love them for it. thank you, mother (and daddy!) for the wonderful memories from this weekend...added on top of so many others!


  1. great photos, and looks like a great weekend. so nice to be able to have that time together just the 3 of you and the parents. i think we've developed some great traditions over the years.

  2. you did a real good job showing the fun we had over Labor Day weekend. I think the photo with the 45 star flag in the background turned out great.


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