Monday, January 23, 2012


67:365 playoffs.
me last night, "watching" the nfc playoff game...thank goodness for knitting!
listening - raindrops hitting the roof and the back deck.

eating - healthy nachos and fish tacos (two of marc's recent specialties - and as always when he cooks, we have leftovers for days).

drinking - coffee. this is seeming like a two-pot day.

wearing - the same 2-day shirt I wore last night (no need to dress up for a rainy walk with holly and housecleaning!)

reading - the language of flowers (vanessa's pick from january's bookclub) and the gargoyle, thinking this will be my pick for february bookclub.

weather - 40-ish degrees and raining.

knitting - maggiknits skerries capelet (and six other things, but I can only knit on one at a time!)

wanting - to see the sun. it's been days.

needing - to finish my december album before the details slip away from me; I've only got five more days to go and the photos and pages are prepped.

enjoying - having marc home.

looking forward - to my first test knit - the bulky cowl for this KAL; I have the yarn and will get the needles tonight. (and yes, that brings my project count to eight, but it's only 52 stitches and 28 rounds total - I'm thinking I can finish it in a few hours).

wondering - if we'll really escape snow and ice this winter. I hope so!


  1. It's one of those Monday where I'm wishing I didn't have to go to work so I'm jealous that you can wear the same shirt as last night and relax and knit today. I'll console myself with the thought of you doing housework, though!

  2. I'm with Carole...facing work today is a rude awakening. Your day sounds heavenly.

  3. Loved your post and I think I'm going to copy it. :)

  4. Not working today! Considering doing One Little Word. I've enjoying your posts & think I would get alot from doing it. It's Ali Edwards,Big Picture, right?

  5. Hope the sun shines your way today! (Here, too, actually. . . but it doesn't look so promising!) :-)

  6. We're missing the sun too. I hope that day was everything it looks like it was going to be! Wonderful post Mary!

  7. currently i'm trying to get back into a routine after a few days away

  8. I love your lists - very nice. I read Gargoyle a couple of years ago and I seriously LOVED it! And so proud it was written by a fellow Canadian (lol). I too have to finish my December Daily ... I don't think it will be done in the next few days though!


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