Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 things in my purse.

...as fun as it's going to be to peek inside everyone else's purse today, I also enjoyed looking back on this post, from a few years back, to see how the contents of my own purse have changed. still coach, but now much smaller, because I tuck it into my knitting bag - and those bags change depending on my plans for the  day and what I'm knitting.

this purse is only 7 inches wide and 5 inches tall (it might appear larger on your computer screen than it is in real life!), but with careful packing, it holds a lot!

1. driver's license and credit card (with a receipt from my latest yarn purchase).
2. reading glasses.
3. cell phone.
4. a little bit of cash (no coins).
5. hand lotion.
6. car key.
7. gum.
8. a nail file.
9. hand sanitizer.
10. bobbi brown lip stuff, including lip balm (love this stuff - it's also a great cuticle softener), vintage rose lipstick (ugh, apparently discontinued!) and three glosses (I know this is a bit excessive and I keep meaning to pare down, but then I'll need one of the colors I was going to eliminate...and I decide that as long as they fit, why not! the current rotation includes kir sugar, pink sugar and naked plum)
...and a few more things...

can't wait to see what everyone else spills. thanks, carole, for another fun topic!
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  1. You keep it pared down nicely. I love the orange trim on your Coach bag.

  2. During the summer, I do a Very Pared Down little bag, myself. In the winter. . . I tend to haul it all! Love the tiny Coach bag. (Especially the orange trim!)

  3. Our bag have similar items. I didn't list hand lotion, but should have since my hands are like sandpaper these days. Very pretty bag!

  4. Love the bag! This is such a fun post, I'm enjoying reading everyone's list... and comparing to my own! My purse is a bit smaller than yours, but it just goes to show that that much more CAN fit... I may take a page from your book and miss may duffel-bag-sized purse a little less!

  5. i do an itty-bitty when i'm traveling cause i'm usually stuffing it into a much larger tote! always fun to see what's in someone else's purse.

  6. two lip glosses are defintely not enough. good to have three!! :)

  7. Don't think I'd ever be able to reduce my contents to such a small bag...I should try!

  8. That's funny because I put my knitting into my messenger bag-type purse. There's so much room but I can't seem to pare down to a full-time teeny purse.

  9. :D it would be interesting to compare yours to Sara's and mine


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