Friday, May 18, 2012

turned the corner.

184:365 turned the corner.
...literally. I finally hit the halfway point on baby harris' blanket which means the rows are now getting two stitches shorter instead of two stitches longer.

I have just under 4 balls of yarn to go. and I am very happy this blanket isn't for me, because that glass of wine is making the endless garter stitch a lot easier to bear.


  1. There really are some patterns that should come with drink recipes...oh wait...there are :-)

  2. It will go like lightning now!

  3. i like so much about this-the black and white photo, wine and knitting, projects in the home stretch, and that the blanket is not for you or anyone else in our immediate family! that'll all come soon enough

  4. Hurrah for you! Love the b/w photo...great blankie for a little one, knitted with love and wine ;-)).



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