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Monday, April 21, 2014


...this one started on Friday afternoon with a packed and super-fun knit-along session at the shop. There are about a dozen of us participating in Rowan's Afghan Mystery KAL. The first (of ten) clue came out on Thursday, so this was our first group meeting to knit. The KAL continues through June and then we have a few weeks after the last clue to finish up the projects to be eligible for prizes (!!!). There is a great virtual community in the Rowan forum on Ravelry, but I think having in-person support is going to be a good's more than 3,000 yards of yarn to knit!
...waiting for me when I got home on Friday ♥
Marc and I stayed in all three nights (as usual!) and finally tried out Amazon Prime video. We are huge fans of the Poirot series starring David Suchet. Turns out there are about 12 seasons available on Amazon Prime, and dozens of episodes we've never seen. We watched five over the course of the weekend. Even at that crazy pace, we've got a few more months to enjoy!

Saturday it rained some more, so no long walk. I had an appointment at the Apple Genius bar (my three-year old laptop is running really slow...sadly, it needs more memory!) and then braved Costco. Costco at noon on a rainy Saturday before Easter Sunday, yeah, it was a zoo!

In the afternoon, I took advantage of Marc golfing (yes, in the rain) to catch up on the TV I've been missing. Mr. Selfridge, Game of Thrones and Mad Men all began new seasons in the past week or two. I had six episodes total to watch and managed four on Saturday and two on Sunday. Of course I'm now behind another three episodes from last night - why are the three shows I watch all on the same night? I know it's early, but I think all three shows are going to have good seasons. I also finished the second Florence scarf and started the third (more on that in another post).

Yesterday was glorious. The rain cleared out Saturday and left behind bright blue skies with just a few clouds. Holly and I enjoyed another long walk in the early morning. Then I went to church with Katie and Rob and they took me to brunch after. It was lovely to celebrate Easter with my favorite couple!
Rob, Katie, me
yay for good mother-daughter photos!! (thank you, Rob!)
Marc played golf late and used the morning to cook - roasted pork loin and brussels sprouts and made a simple fruit salad for dessert. It was all delicious.

Today brought more blue skies and even warmer temperatures. The birds are carrying on a very loud conversation outside the window. I think spring might be here for good. finally. Has it arrived where you live yet?



Blogger Lydia said...

Oh lots of good stuff and an at home movie date! I spent way too much time in the kitchen Saturday cooking for Sunday's Easter dinner. Assisted in attaching a trailer hitch to Steve's new car (a hybrid you haven't seen yet). I got to enjoy some of the afternoon sunshine, but indoor chores required my attention. I think spring is definitely here-for reals this time!

Monday, 21 April, 2014  
Blogger margene said...

You'll be knitting up a storm to have an afghan finished by the end of June or July! We have the same problem with Sunday night, although I'm partial to Bletchley Circle. Excellent picture of you and Katie, which isn't too hard as you're both photogenic. We had a wonderful IS spring in our part of the world.

Monday, 21 April, 2014  
Blogger Kym said...

What a wonderful weekend, Mary! Your knitting group looks like fun -- and a lovely afghan, too. (Knit faster. . . ) It is finally spring here -- although spring is a fickle one in the north! Big pendulum swings between hot and cold, can't really plant yet, BUT . . . signs of green, new growth, and Bird Joy everywhere! Have a great week.

Tuesday, 22 April, 2014  
Blogger Beth said...

Your weekend sounds great! And knitting 3000 yards of yarn would definitely take some support!

Thursday, 24 April, 2014  
Blogger Honoré said...

A lovely weekend, for sure. I can't believe that it's warm enough to wear sandals and sleeveless dresses, etc. We still have the heat on here! And I of being c-o-l-d. I sigh a lot these days ;-)).
3000 yards of yarn---whoa! Looks like great fun! Knit on!

Thursday, 24 April, 2014  

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