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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Short Rows for Days.

It seems I've been knitting short rows for days. And maybe surprising to many - myself included! - I'm really enjoying it! Despite what my Ravelry project page might say, I've been devoting all my knitting time over the past week to just two projects, both of which feature short rows.

First is the Shelter Baby Blanket I introduced last week. Those wedges are formed by working short rows in opposite directions. The really cool part (at least according to my inner knitting nerd) is that the turn is worked at the same point in the rows in both directions so those wedges are smoothly connected. 

I think the back of the piece shows best what I'm trying to describe - see how those garter stitch bumps stair-step in opposite directions?

And it's garter stitch, so no picking up wraps - just a plain "move the stitch, move the yarn, move the stitch" and you're done. Easy peasy (and still loving the yarn on those size 9 needles)!

In contrast, I've spent much of this week's knitting time on the first sleeve of my Summer Navy cardigan. The sleeves are knit seamlessly from the armholes using short rows to shape the sleeve cap, then working in the round to the bind-off. I must say the finished results are beautiful and it fits so nicely.

But it's a fiddle-y mess to execute (which my inner knitting nerd enjoys too). 

I pick up the stitches using a smaller needle, and then work the rest of the sleeve with double-points. Here's what it looks like a few rows in (yikes, right?!). Once the short rows are finished, I'll start working in the round as usual (with five double pointed needles). At that point, the small circular needle will no longer be part of the picture (it's holding the stitches that I picked up and haven't yet worked), nor will those hanging markers (they're marking the turning point for the Sunday Short Rows - my favorite method for working wraps that have to be picked up)...and then I'm almost done.  

I wonder if I'm being completely unreasonable with myself to expect a finished cardigan before the end of the month?  and pretty sure my next project won't have me knitting so many short rows!

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Blogger margene said...

How wonderful to have two projects that look so fabulous. Your short rows on both projects look great!

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016  
Blogger Kym said...

I love short rows! (That knitting nerd thing. . . ) The Shelter blanket is just beautiful -- and the sweater will be, too. (Knit faster, Mary!) XO

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016  
Blogger Lydia said...

Short rows are such an interesting technique. I do love it when the short row is a bit more obvious rather than tucked away.

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016  
Blogger Debbie said...

You have two beautiful projects! I don't know why, but I love to work short rows-it seems to make the knitting process so much more interesting.

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016  
Blogger Carole said...

I love both projects but especially the blanket, I must say!

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016  
Blogger Penny said...

I love everything about that blanket - I'm especially in love with the colors! And I have every confidence that you will indeed finish your cardigan by the end of the month!

Thursday, 28 July, 2016  
Blogger dbshade said...

I kinda like short rows too, but I don't particularly like them on sleeve caps. I have only done it once and it just seemed so fussy to do short rows with dpns. I was not a fan of that process.

Saturday, 30 July, 2016  
Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh, how I *LOVE* that blanket!!

Friday, 05 August, 2016  

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