Monday, July 25, 2016


...was a little different - Marc was away with his buddies on a golf outing (in the North Carolina mountains, which was maybe the coolest place he could be...and he said the golf was good too) and my favorite little family was at the beach. I did a lot of what you might expect.

I watched Grace & Frankie, knitted and had popcorn and wine for dinner (just once).

Saturday morning I made my second trip to the Farmer's Market and enjoyed it (almost - since I was by myself) as much as the first time. I brought home a fabulous summer bouquet of sunflowers and zinnias and a really yummy tomato tart that I ate for dinner that night.  I also had a fun call with a girlfriend and then met up with other friends for knitting and coffee.

It was the perfect chance to debut Nangou. I had hoped to share more about that piece here last Friday, but instead of blogging about it, I ripped back and re-knit the bindoff. Super happy with the outcome!

Yesterday flew by. Church, a visit with Lydia & Steve, FaceTime with Charlie (and his mama), a call with Sara, more Grace & Frankie, more reading (both ears and eyes), and then Marc was home. Dinner, a very quick catch up...and early to bed.
I almost forgot to take a photo!

Was there anything different about your weekend? Regardless, I hope it was fun!


  1. A weekend alone can be fun and it sounds like you made the best of yours.

  2. Time alone is regenerating -- especially when you surround yourself with things you like to do!

  3. Your weekend of alone time sounds very nice. We had a Holiday weekend here in Utah. I celebrated by going to book group, which was a blast!

  4. It sounds both wonderfully full of nice things, but relaxing too. I think the last time I was on my own just for a day must be about six years ago ... That's a very lovely scarf.

  5. What a perfectly lovely weekend. And your shawl/scarf is simply wonderful - I always love your color choices!

  6. Internet down and that was a, I cleared out a few spaces ,weeded papers, assembled a new chair , etc...alone time is always a treat. Glad you enjoyed yours and shared with us! Vicarious experiences are also a treat.

  7. There was lots of good food and company-a perfect weekend-well except for the heat!


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