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Friday, January 6, 2017

FO Friday | No Tails.

Happy First Friday of the year! Seems like the perfect time to share my latest FO ... this is No Tails, another wonderful design by Lori Versaci.

I actually finished it just before Christmas and I've had several opportunities to wear it since then. Hands down, it's now my favorite winter sweater.

This is the second design I've knit from Lori's Building Block collection. You might recall Tails, which I finished over the summer ... well No Tails is the same silhouette, except no tails 😉. This time I opted for the cowl neck and the sleeves to make it a cold weather piece.

The construction is straightforward - a back and a front with drop shoulders, joined with a three-needle bind-off. The sleeves are worked flat, picking up stitches from the armhole. Then the cowl neck (8+ inches of seeded rib...seemed to take forever) and the underarm and side seams. Nothing complicated, but a really stunning result. I did end up with a slightly looser gauge than the pattern called for - which meant a little math in the beginning to adjust my stitch counts - but otherwise I followed the pattern as written.

The yarn is Shibui Cima (a lace-weight merino/alpaca blend) held double. I snagged a sweater quantity for half price a few years back when Shibui discontinued the color (and why they did that is a mystery - it's the perfect camel). Cima is great to work with (just sticky enough to make holding two strands together not a total pain) and the finished fabric is lovely - soft, drapey and warm.

A huge thank you to Katie for the photos. You can read more about the project on Ravelry (here).

Looks like we're going to have a snow day tomorrow (that could last into next week if the temperatures stay as cold as they're predicting). Marc and I braved the grocery store last night for milk and wine. Sadly, Lowes was sold out of snow shovels. He's going to stop at Home Depot this morning on his way to work ... won't be the end of the world if we have to borrow our neighbor's shovel, but otherwise - we're ready!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Stay warm!

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Blogger alexa said...

It's lovely and you look lovely in it - I like the soft drape-y quality of it. Nice to have something round warm but light round one's neck this time of year. (PS Is that bare feet in boots I see? Brrr! I'd be needing socks!)

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger Bonny said...

What a gorgeous sweater! It looks so light, warm, and soft, and the collar and color are perfect. You wear it well!

I did have to chuckle about your lack of a snow shovel. We have six different ones in the cellar (for different snow conditions) and I just got in from using the "light pusher" to clean off the 3-4" we got last night. A true north/south difference!

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger Carole said...

I love the sweater and those dropped shoulders are beautiful. Enjoy your snow day! It's snowing here but not enough to close and cancel anything which is good because I need a haircut and I've got an appointment today.

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger Juliann in WA said...

This is beautiful. and tell Katie she did a lovely job photographing!

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Anonymous Patty said...

What a lovely piece Mary! Those sleeves really are nice. The snow is blowing around here enough to fuss up the traffic but it won't amount to much. Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger Debbie said...

Your sweater is lovely and I hope it keeps you warm and cozy as snow and cold head your way. We had about 3" yesterday, nothing too bad, I got my hair cut and met some friends at Starbucks where we tried to stay warm. When I went out to the gym this morning, the temp was 1 is cold! Have a great weekend!

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger AsKatKnits said...

Oh this sweater turned out beautifully, Mary! I love it! Nicely done and please stay safe and warm!! XO

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger Vera said...

Your sweater is gorgeous. Love everything about it and the color is perfect! We ended up getting 2" or so overnight. It was pretty driving into work today. Enjoy your snow day (if it happened/happens)...I also stocked up on wine (just in case).

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger Honoré said...

Your sweater and you in it are absolutely fantastic! I think I like the long sleeved version best. Wear (both) in continued good health!
Here's hoping you got a) the shovel or b) no snow! We're possibly having snow too, possibly...

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger margene said...

Your sweater fits you perfectly and looks marvelous on you! I hope you don't need a shovel and that winter weather is short lived. The last two weeks we've been very happy to see the grounds crew go by clearing the road and our walks...the joys of condo life.

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger Penny said...

Beautiful and very comfortable looking - and such a nice neutral color too! I would like 2017 to be the year I find a simple beginner sweater to knit. Hopefully, you won't need to do too much shoveling although you did buy wine - so that should ease the pain a little. : ) Happy weekend!

Friday, 06 January, 2017  
Blogger Lydia said...

I love this sweater and it's perfect for right now. Here at the perimeter we've just got ice, I'm hoping management gets around to at least putting salt on the sidewalks. Sophie and I are enjoying a football-boy free day! I have 2 projects that are within "minutes" of being finished. I hope to make serious progress today after I finish reading blogs, do some laundry, do some house cleaning, change out of my pajamas . . .

Saturday, 07 January, 2017  
Anonymous Louisa said...

Happy New Year! Beautifully knit sweater! I love the seeded cowl and it's a perfect Southern winter sweater! Bravo! Tell Katie her photos were great, and best to everyone!

Sunday, 08 January, 2017  

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