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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesdays with Charlie | At Home.

Tuesdays with Charlie are pretty much a slam-dunk in the "light" category. Our schedule now that Katie is back at work* is 7am - 5pm. Sunrise isn't until well after 7:30 these days, so our immediate priority once we were back here was to walk Holly ... and after that chilly exercise ... steamed milk!

Next he wanted to head upstairs for toys. My mom gave him a subscription to Highlights Five and today we finally had time to see what it was all about. He/we loved it! I was delighted he knew about the Hidden Pictures and how to find them. He also aced the free app that we downloaded. (and the two Dr. Seuss books we re-discovered.)

We had lunch "in" (he opted for mac'n'cheese ... and I had all the fixings for that here) and even though he snacked on what we were cooking the entire time, he still almost cleaned his plate.

Next, nap. Stories, milk and a few selfies to say "Hi!" to his mom.
(a new lock screen photo for me is icing on the cake)

And nearly two hours later - cookies! I talked up the baking while were outside with Holly and he was excited to watch. 

It was all his idea to bring in the stool when he realized it might take "a little while" for the cookies to finish.

They were delicious!
those are lunch leftovers ... green beans and oranges to balance out the cookie!

...a little more play time (flashcards and legos) and all too soon it was time to go home. 

A day full of sunshine. literally and figuratively!

*We both thank you for all the good wishes ... two days in, it's still tough...

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Blogger Lydia said...

I loved highlights-glad to see it's still around. Waiting for cookies-that must have been tough!

Tuesday, 24 January, 2017  
Blogger Honoré said...

Ohh that Charlie! I just loved his sitting up close to watch the cookies bake! Little ones are so full of surprises. Looking forward to Thurs with Sam!

Tuesday, 24 January, 2017  
Blogger Bonny said...

I always look forward to Tuesdays with Charlie, and this post is no exception. Like Lydia, I'm glad to see that Highlights is still published. My kids loved it and were much better at the hidden pictures than I was. (Do you think Charlie would like I Spy books? They were a long-lived favorite here!) Wishing Katie and the rest of you well as she finds her footing back at work, and that everyone stays healthy. Things go much more smoothly if nobody gets sick!

Tuesday, 24 January, 2017  
Blogger Vera said...

Such a light-filled post. Highlights was always such fun...glad it is still there. Thinking oF Katie.

Tuesday, 24 January, 2017  
Blogger Kym said...

Your photo of Charlie, sitting on the little stool. . . watching the cookies bake . . . will warm my heart all day! I loved Highlights as a kid -- and my kids loved it, too. So glad it's still around (and adapting with the times to include an app!). Sending all the positive juju and virtual hugs to Katie. XO

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017  
Anonymous Juliann said...

This is my first week to have our tiny person two afternoons a week, just a few hours for now. The first day went well. It will be fun to get to the baking cookie days!

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017  
Blogger Carole said...

That picture of Charlie sitting on the stool waiting for the cookies to be done is absolutely adorable! I hope Katie is doing ok, it's a hard adjustment and I remember it well.

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017  
Blogger AsKatKnits said...

Charlie sitting there on that stool is the best photo! So sweet! And, Charlie posts are a bright spot for me as well! XO

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017  
Blogger Debbie said...

I just love the photo of Charlie sitting on his stool watching the cookies bake, it is so sweet! It's good to hear that Highlights magazine is still around!

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017  
Blogger margene said...

Highlights was one of my favorites (many, many years ago!). I'm happy to hear it is still bringing kids joy (and a good educational experience!). How fun to see Charlie and watch as he grows and learns. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017  
Blogger Penny said...

I, too have fond memories of Highlights and I'm glad it's still around. And speaking of highlights - Tuesdays with Charlie are definitely a highlight of my week. : )

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017  
Anonymous Patty said...

We only saw Highlights when we went to the dentist! I so enjoy Tuesdays with Charlie and cannot get over how he's changing all the time!

Thursday, 26 January, 2017  
Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh my goodness, that darling photo in front of the oven watching the cookies bake...

Tuesday, 31 January, 2017  

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