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Friday, March 3, 2017

Hello March.

March 1, in our neighborhood
Just three days in and I already remember why you're one of my favorites:

There are signs of spring everywhere (except the thermometer ... brrrrrr it was freezing when we walked this morning!) and I'm looking forward to more - green leaves, azalea and dogwood blossoms and irises.

The days are getting longer and there are more of them. I do love February, but the best months have 31 days!

Chilled cocktails and porch time.

This year, I am also looking forward to staying home all month. Traveling is great, but I'm ready to spend a few more weeks here.

It also feels like the right time to lighten up around the house. I'll be putting away the glittered pinecones and red berries and getting out the painted eggs and citrus (and ooh, maybe even a fresh spring wreath for the front door?!) And of course, my closet. Yep, I figure I should tackle that soon....before I lose my nerve (or my energy for the project).

On the knitting front, I love the lighter weight cottons, silks and linens; can't wait to see what new yarns the shop has ordered to tempt me. I finally get to share the sample I knit back in December. and hopefully I'll have a few more FO's to share. My sweater knitting mojo is back and I intend to take full advantage.

I have a good feeling about us, March. Let's get started!

xo - M.

p.s. you can see what the rest of the Think Write Thursday crew wrote here.

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Blogger Juliann in WA said...

There are daffodils trying very hard to brighten up my yard! Can't wait to hear about your closet project.

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger Vera said...

Yay for flowers. Our daffodils are up and budded, but no blooms yet (which is probably a good thing). Can't wait to see all your FOs!!

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger Bonny said...

We've got daffodil and narcissus buds here (about three weeks early) but I love how you show us so beautifully what is ahead. Happy March, happy weekend, and maybe even some happy closet-purging!

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger AsKatKnits said...

Porch time and cocktails sounds perfect! Hopefully some of that outdoors will be happening here too this month (although apparently not this weekend...winter has roared back in!)

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger margene said...

March has a way of infusing us with good feelings! The beginnings of spring are everywhere and I look forward to savoring them.

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger Carole said...

Your March is different than mine is when it comes to weather but I'm also going to be putting away the last of the winter decorations and bringing out the spring ones. Hooray!

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Anonymous Patty said...

Wreath for the front door...excellent idea! Bring on March and those warmed up porch days.

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger Kym said...

I think it's be quite a while before we enjoy drinks-on-the-patio with any regularity (and certainly not right now) -- but March is still filled with such promise. Happy weekend!

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger Lydia said...

March brings so much promise. Love the new banner.

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger Penny said...

The daffodils are beautiful! We have some things blooming that I don't think should be and even had snow showers today. Your lightening up plans sound wonderful! Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, 03 March, 2017  
Blogger Honoré said...

Love your bright and happy banner! My Great Room/Kitchen are fillled with bright yellow tulips and they make me very happy! Good going on your projects for March...a new front door is on the agenda here - maybe not this month but until, a new wreath sounds like a happy and immediate compromise. Thx for the suggestion.

Saturday, 04 March, 2017  

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