Monday, April 21, 2008


...not at all the entry I first imagined for week 16 (which included a front with all sorts of "inspired" paper and embellishment scraps - no photo - and some journaling on the back) because I've been inspired by so many things lately that I couldn't imagine a single photo - or even a collage - capturing all of it.

Photos and two cupcake scrapshop kits to create my nyc album. Vogue to see the world in a new way (and maybe to pare down my wardrobe to a very few pieces that make me feel fabulous). 1st leafling sock from the latest socks that rock kit to make me feel superhuman in my knitting ... and maybe to try new techniques, or maybe just to knit more? Bon Appetit/Orangette to attempt a cheese souffle or homemade mayonnaise for Saturday lunch [note - later inspirations decided these might be better for later!] Daily read blogs like Ali and Kal and Elise to pay attention to the details and embrace life as it happens. And I was very busy on Saturday and Sunday knitting the twisted float shrug (and no, I still don't have a photo to share but I will soon, promise)...

but then I stepped outside Sunday evening.

and was totally captivated by the spring sunshine. evening light. and decided that might be the best representation of all this inspiration. a new season. longer days. warmer. brighter. more colorful.

so this week's entry - my first real photoshop'd one - and note to self - next time need to note which effects I actually use on the photo (or maybe I can figure out how to tell after I've applied them?) I think it's a combination of pastel and watercolor, but who knows!

p.s. the lentil and bulgur salad was delicious for lunch on Saturday; we used Harry's salad bar mix-ins (capers, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, roasted red peppers and feta cheese) in place of the recipe's red peppers, feta and kalamata olives. and two viewings of juno - still love!


  1. very inspiring. let me know on the souffle- on my list of new cooking things to try this summer- along with bread and h.made pasta- we do set lofty goals don't we?!

  2. amended comment- was thinking about the photo on the way to work- with a second look the photo inspires (to me) many memories of time spent in that back yard over the years, and it's transformation. i always loved how we came in through the back door which of couse has change locations several times as well.


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