Sunday, June 8, 2008

before & after.

create 08 week 23 (wow, yes, 23 - I'm going to need to up-size the binder rings soon!) and a perfect excuse, not that I ever really need one!, to visit my favorite MAC counter at Macy's. I loved everything the makeup artist did, and only hope I can replicate it - even just a little bit - for work tomorrow.

Sara and I are planning what I think is the perfect girls day. the gym. the pool to cool off and have lunch. the matinee to see sex and the city.

happy sunday and happy summer!


  1. great look, and as always, a great smile! happy monday

  2. Don't you look gorgeous! I <3 Mac!

  3. This is great!!! You look wonderful! I'm behind about 3 weeks..... gotto catch up.. but don't feel like it... :-(


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