Thursday, September 11, 2008


...done! and I am in love with it. know you will definitely see pictures of the finished sweater because I think I will wear this one a lot. and it was fun to knit. except for the finishing. I calculated 93 rows and 410 stitches of 3x2 rib. suffice it to say - I will not be making another sweater with that particular design element anytime soon!

nope! I'm planning to cast on this (and maybe this - you know, it's a long flight and I'm planning plenty of diversion - sorry I couldn't find a non-ravelry link!) for my trip to portland today. and when I finish them, or find some good yarn, I intend to cast on this.

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  1. love it, and saw the same pattern on knitty-have 2 inches of ribbing on the last sleeve of the moss sweater- yea happy knitting, and hugs to francie


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