Thursday, April 16, 2009

third wednesday. in "bookclub". we met at lise's last night and it was wonderful as always (lise's and bookclub, just to be clear!). I was getting ready last night (meaning running a comb through my hair after quickly changing out of my park/walking clothes)and marc asked where I was going. uh, duh, bookclub, right? I've been going to bookclub on the third wednesday of every month for about nine years (this is the tenth year of bookclub, but we met on the second wednesday when we started) ... and of course during the "pre-discussion", I mentioned marc's lack of memory, and a few others chimed in that their families had the same problem. and that's so weird, because none of us who are part of this group seem to have any problem at all remembering when it is... maybe because we're women?!

in any event, I have four great photos to share.

what I love about this one, where we're not talking about the book, is that we're talking about everything else, and reconnecting with friends we haven't seen since last month (or maybe just since last week's spring break), and moving around, and eating and drinking. it was really loud in lise's kitchen at this point, but I'm not sure any of us really noticed.
april bookclub
and these three. post-discussion. what I love about these is the show of friendship. a few of us had our neighborhood, and/or our children, in common when we started, and while we've certainly kept those links, we've made new ones. new friends, new neighbors, kids have grown and moved on, ... but we still have the third wednesday to hold onto. (love it ladies, thank you!)
april bookclub
april bookclub
april bookclub
(click on the photos for more details)

P.S. the discussion was about theater, valerie's pick from last month. I think we all liked the book (and want to see the movie), and the discussion wasn't really very controversial. we thought julia was a terrible mother, the story was really timeless (it could've been today, not 1937, and the thought about not knowing if you really existed...chilling.

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