Saturday, June 25, 2011

working on the weekend.

...still seems weird to me. not the teaching part. but the working in the shop, selling yarn, advising customers, fixing knitting part. after 27+ years in the corporate, monday through friday (where you need the weekends to catch up) world, I still haven't adjusted to "working on the weekend". so much so that I thought this song was about working on the weekend, not for it :-)

but at our shop we each take a turn (or two or three or four...fortunately, I have only one) to fill the saturday schedule. and today was mine for the month of june. I advertised with my students and friends that I'd be there today. love how much faster the time flies when I see friendly faces, especially around the yellow table knitting. and there was a table full all afternoon (sorry, no photos, but thanks, ladies!). was a great day for the shop, and a long day for me.

until my sister texted about meeting up for a glass of wine after. yes, please! (btw, check out this great new pasta friendly outdoor seating and a great wine list.  LOVE!)

and I got home and sara had grilled eggplant and pureed plums...waiting to become dinner (and holly had company outside her crate all day)

and we watched hgtv and I had time to bind off the 350+ stitches on vitamin gray.

not to say I want to make a habit out of working on saturdays, but when they end like this, they're pretty good!


  1. I used to have to work every other Saturday at the library back when I was assistant director. I got Friday off as a trade but I still hated working on the weekend. So I get it. Sounds like you ended the day so nicely, though.

  2. okay! now I have Loverboy running through my head :). Looks like a lovely end to the day; glad you found another dog-friendly restaurant!

  3. I was never so lucky to have such a great "work on a sat"
    day...sounds just yummy, including the food.


  4. Nice end to a Satur-workday!

  5. wine and someone to get dinner going for you-a GREAT way to end a saturday work day-can't wait to cast on my paulie, thanks for helping with the yarn selections.

  6. Will definitely be checking out that restaurant!


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