Sunday, October 30, 2011

a pink rosebud.

pink rosebud
modeled on me and raveled here email landed in my inbox last thursday - my friend shari's sister has breast cancer and she starts chemo tomorrow. could I recommend some hat patterns?

well of course I could (and I did) - and I quickly grabbed one for myself.

I had fave'd rosebud as soon as it was released (I have a "few" skeins of stash yarn that would work perfectly for the pattern) and I loved having a great reason to buy the pattern and excuse a few of my other knitting goals to make room for a hat.

jared flood does not disappoint. the pattern is beautifully laid out, clearly written, and results in a lovely finished hat. (check out my ravelry project page to see the few changes I made).

I'm bummed that the hat doesn't really look pink in any of the photos. but trust me, it is!

I'm looking forward to knitting it again (for me :-)
in process - through the first repeat of the chart

lovely decrease detail...


  1. I love the single cable - so pretty! And the color - can't wait to see this in person.

  2. this is a lovely hat. not often you see just the one cable.

  3. Just lovely! And I'm sure your sister's friend will love and appreciate it! When I had chemo, my favorite hats were snug-fitting around the head, with a bit of a slouch to the top/back (to suggest that maybe, just maybe, there was hair under there!). Looks like this one would really work well!

  4. A wonderful hat and so quickly knit. looks like it will be a favorite winter- time wear.

  5. I'm so sorry about your friend's sister. If only we could all scream loud enough to remove Cancer from the face of the Earth.

    That's a beautiful hat and it looks very cute on you!c

  6. beautiful hat. i may not find time to knit, but she will be in my prayers!


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