Thursday, March 15, 2012

pink and green.

...the 2012 edition. I think this is going to become an annual tradition because it's perfect to track how early/late the spring colors show up in my yard. last year, I took similar photos on march 22...and honestly, that's just a week away. so maybe spring isn't really coming as early this year as I think it is!

without further ado - from my yard, at lunchtime today - enjoy! (I certainly did!!)
rose of sharon
rose of sharon (inspired by kathy to try the macro shot - thank you for the push, I think it works great!)
lorapetulum (did you know you can click on the photos to (maybe) see a bit more description in flickr)
snowball viburnum
snowball vibirnum
the red bud, mostly blooming now... isn't it cool how the colors show up in the background, too?
rhodie buds
rhodie buds - I can almost feel their potential....
the azaleas are also going strong...but that photo wasn't so good.

hope you're seeing signs of spring where you live, too!


  1. Wow! It looks like spring is exploding in your yard!

  2. so pretty. pink and green is ALWASY a winning combination to me-so girly.

  3. Love your photos! Especially the one of the Redbud! Also, love your knitting and your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. Wow! Such pretty photos! You'd already have five little photos in your project life! ;) Totally do-able!

  5. So lovely! Spring is coming early here in Michigan . . . but not THAT pink and green. Yet!

  6. You are becoming quite the nature photographer. These are absolutely lovely. Spring is so early and welcome!

  7. Gorgeous! Looks like the buds have bloomed since I was there.


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