Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 for the summer.

coneflower...purposely omitting "goals" from my title today. because that word for me is all tied up with  "planning" and "accomplishments" and "purpose" and what I'm wanting for this summer is light-hearted, fun-filled, inspired delight.

1. finish the hunger games trilogy (I've only read the first one).

2. see a concert.

3. paint my nails a bright, bold color.

4. find a new playlist for running in the park.

5. take a yoga class.

6. plant a succulent garden.

7. have a picnic.

8. watch fireworks on the 4th of july.

9. try a few new cocktails.

10. start my holiday knitting (starting early might be the key to keeping it fun!)

hope you've got good things in store for your summer too!

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  1. Ooh! I'll participate in #2, #5, #7, and #9! And I can help with #4! I'll be doing #6 as well! Let me know how it goes!

  2. the keeping it light and fun is always a must for summer and after my May-yea-that'll be me. love the flower photo.

  3. Can't go wrong with such a fun list!

  4. "Goals" just don't seem to fit with "Summer". . . does it? What a great list! Sounds like a great summer all around.

  5. Fun list! I just recently planted two succulent gardens in containers and love them.

  6. Sounds wonderful - especially the part about cocktails!

  7. cheers to light-hearted, fun-filled, inspired delight! what a lovely sentiment!

  8. Love the fireworks .....I will watch them too ...

    Im off for the Holiday!

  9. I need to finish the rest of the Hunger Games too...


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