Monday, September 17, 2012

house 2.0.

...aka, the real reason why I've been neglecting my blog. and my knitting. and my google reader. and instagram. and twitter (darn, just when I was starting to get the hang of it!).

305:365 sold.
we're moving. in four weeks.

first look.
to a bigger house. yes, we're maybe the only empty nesters ever who decide they need more space! I've always wanted a bigger kitchen. and our family is growing. son(s)-in-law, hopefully grandchildren... we want a home that will accommodate everyone. funny - new house has six bedrooms and we're planning to use one as a gym and one for yarn...and marc said I'd need to give up both so we could sleep more people. I told him I'd give up the gym when that time came!

so I've been busy. picking out paint. looking for furniture. figuring out how everything we have in our current home fits. making lists. taking measurements. making new lists. and letting it sink in that we're moving (in four weeks - yes, I know I already said that!) our first new home in 27 years.

...but not spending time here. sara called me out on that last night and I promised to do better. starting today.


  1. oh bigger kitchen? can't WAIT to see that!

  2. WOW! Big news. I love your blog and have missed your posts -- but now I understand! Good luck - have fun!

  3. Congratulations Mary! This will be fun to watch!

  4. i'm still a bit in disbelief that this is happening, but i'm sure the new house will become a home in no time.

  5. Ah! Wordless Wednesday mystery revealed! How exciting for you and what fun. Four weeks?! Whoa! Sending you all the strength I can , tho' I know you'll have it all together .
    Happy packing and planning,

  6. How exciting! Enjoy the crazy process!

  7. Best of luck with your move! My husband and I just moved into our first purchased house after 12 years of renting the same condo. We donated so many things to charity, but we still had so much stuff. I hope all goes smoothly with you.

  8. Wow. I've missed a LOT. Congrats!!!


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