Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday | Second Christmas.

Christmas 1963
...I obviously loved the rocking horse, which I still have - our girls played with it, and maybe Charlie will year?

And that gingerbread ornament near the bottom of the tree (just to the right of the horse) is one of my favorites.

Here is this year's tree, with Mr Gingerbread featured close to the top, just right of center.

Christmas 2014


  1. LOVE! What a darling photo of your childhood Christmas . . . and to see Mr. Gingerbread still featured prominently on your tree is just a wonderful thing.

  2. You look so joyful!! The horse is beautiful and a wonderful treasure. The older the ornament the more memories are packed inside! Your tree is wonderful!

  3. I love how much you're enjoying your wonderful horse and that the third generation will be playing on it soon! I also have some of those same Mr. Gingerbread ornaments from my childhood, but mine look a bit grim because their mouths are just straight lines instead of a nice smile like yours. Must have been a bad day at the gingerbread factory!

  4. I love the excitement in your face in that photo. Your tree is beautiful!

  5. What a cute photo of you & your horse! I love old ornaments and how they bring back Christmas memories.

  6. What fun to see you …oh so many years ago! Perfect! Looking fwd to seeing Charlie on it in the next year or so!


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