Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ten on Tuesday | Labor Day Weekend.

...and just like that, another summer's come and gone. Today, Carole's asked us to share highlights from Labor Day Weekend - I'm happy to oblige!
splash pad, chocolate croissant, post-shopping toast...and happy 21st!

1. Wove in 100 ends (which ended up being more like 220 by the time I split those last 40 into four pieces to bury the ends deep into the yarn - machine washing isn't for sissies).

2. Met up with Lydia at Intown Quilters. and bought two Kaffe Jelly Rolls, a few yards of backing fabric and another piece for binding.

3. Celebrated successful quilt shopping with a glass of wine and lunch at Leon's Full Service.

4. Skipped church to join Katie and Charlie for cappucinos (just us grown-ups), quiche and a chocolate croissant - Charlie's first! ... not sure exactly what he thinks.

5. Followed by a walk around our new city center and a quick "splash" in the splash pad...not sure what he thinks about that either!

6. Took a Sewing 101 class at Joann's. I haven't sewed in about 20 years - happy to report t's a bit like riding a bicycle.

7. Took my first yoga class at the Y since May 8. (happy I can move today, but know that my abs are talking to me ;-)

8. Joined my niece and a few other family and friends for her 21st birthday celebration (yes, that's Lambrusco upside down in the margarita...she loved it!)

9. Then, shared a bottle of wine with my neighbor Michele...just catching up.

10. ...and finally, went to bed at 8:30...nothing like eight-plus hours of sleep to get me ready for another Tuesday with Charlie!
this afternoon in Michele's pool

Hope your weekend was a good one, too! Click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun.


  1. Oh that pool looks inviting! Great weekend Mary! And I think I'll search my local Jo Ann's for the same thing!

  2. What an excellent weekend! I am completely impressed with your professional end-weaving and fascinated by the Lambrusco margarita. I agree with Charlie's approach to new things - give them a try, observe, and consider before forming an opinion.

  3. So much fun to be part of the weekend too!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. I think your niece and Katie look a lot alike!

  5. We can that Charlie isn't sure about the dip in the pool. I have a feeling Charlie will soon grow to love the chocolate croissant!

  6. A lovely read and then that super photo of you and Charlie to boot! Ahhh!

  7. What a perfect weekend, Mary! (Love the shot of you and Charlie in the pool.)

  8. A full and great weekend - filled with all the great things and people in your life.


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