Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekending by the Numbers.

from Sunday morning's walk to the lake
...inspired by Patty's post, here's what the weekend looked like:

24 - hours slept which is a record for me, but I finally feel "caught up".
3+ - inches of rain, which meant
2 - holes of golf played by Marc, and that makes
1 - very grumpy husband.
23,871 - steps, including
50 - minutes on the treadmill Saturday morning (ugh) and
50 - minutes down to the lake and back yesterday morning.
100 - minutes of yoga (and what seemed like an infinite number of planks).
6,090 - stitches worked (that's 14 rows) on Stole 2.0.
1 - meal cooked, with enough leftovers for four more!
1 - skein of yarn purchased (for a bit of gift knitting).
2 - books finished (Brown Girl Dreaming and Tell the Wolves I'm Home, both worthwhile and recommended...and maybe one of them will be my next bookclub pick).
1 - episode of Homeland real time. I think this is my favorite season so far, and have to say, I have no idea where the story is headed!

That's pretty much the sum of it - how was your weekend?


  1. Gorgeous photo! I don't have a lake nearby, but I do have a river... and I should find a picturesque spot where I can walk to and take photos!

  2. You certainly had a productive weeekend even with 3" of rain!

  3. Ooh, I love how that waterlogue looks with ghostly bare branches but still some bright leaves! Those are also some very nice numbers, except 3+ inches of rain. Hope it stops soon!

  4. Love the waterlogue shot. And what a clever post. (That Patty has some great ideas.) Hope the rain is finished. . .

  5. Love the weeknd in numbers approach ( a steal? - 'cept I don't have a lake!). We're getting the rain today...the Waterlogue is perfect and I am totally impressed with that step count! Again, maybe I need a lake! Count on!

  6. Thanks Mary! Looks like a great weekend to me. :-) Clearly a very productive one as well! And the planks...they never end do they? Off to check out your book recommendations!

  7. Such a lovely watercoloured shot ... I am impressed by the meal that generated enough left-overs for four more: that's definitely a win-win! And well done on all the stretching and steps, despite the rain ...

  8. I spent this weekend in bed sick. I did manage to marathon watch Parks and Recreation and do some knitting.


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