Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ten on Tuesday | Grocery Store Gifts.

...it's nearly midnight. Today didn't turn out like I planned...and I was ok with skipping a blog post. But as I left the grocery store at 10:15, and then snapped a very sneaky photo of the ice cream I left in Katie's freezer*...I figured what the heck.

Carole's prompt today is about gifts we can pickup at the grocery store. Here goes:

1. ice cream, gelato, sorbet (obviously, this only works if you can quickly get your gift to a freezer, ideally very close to the recipient ;-) but if you can, and you nail their favorite flavors...well, this is a slam dunk. especially if their favorite flavors are hard to come by, or you manage to find a boutique brand.

2. an orchid.

3. flowers.

4. chocolates.

5. wine.

6. beer.

7. trashy magazines. (was my house the only one where Santa had to make a special Christmas Eve stop to be sure the trash was up-to-date?!)

and I'm stopping here. I can't recall any last-minute gift that I couldn't have managed without one of those seven ... or maybe two of them.

I hope it's not bad that I wish you all happy shopping...someplace besides the grocery store - but if you do end up there, I hope you find the perfect gift!

If you're not already playing along with Carole's Ten on Tuesday fun, click here to join.

Happy Shopping!

*Charlie's sick. He needed a day home in his pajamas, so I spent the day at Katie's. We read, played soccer, built Lego towers,and walked laps around the kitchen table. But he did not eat. Katie and I traded texts this evening and we both thought ice cream might do the trick. I said I'd bring gelato. Fingers crossed he likes at least one of these!


  1. Awwww, poor Charlie. I hope he's feeling like himself by today - kids do tend to bounce back quickly.

  2. Oh, poor Charlie! I hope he's back up-and-at-em today.

  3. Poor little Charlie! I hope he is feeling better today.

  4. Poor Charlie! I hope he's feeling better soon!

  5. I'm sorry Charlie isn't feeling well! Hopefully he is doing better today!

  6. Oh! I hope Charlie's on the mend...no fun being a sick be´be´... did he eat/like any of the ice cream?

  7. Aw, no fun!! I hope Charlie's feeling better soon.

  8. Wine is definitely the one I'd grab at the grocery store.


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