Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Words in the Wild.

spotted this afternoon at Lululemon
I'm always a sucker for a good store window selfie. I couldn't resist this one. and I consider myself blessed to have multiple people in my life who tick every single one of those boxes (y'all know who you are!)


  1. This is a cool window and an even cooler selfie! I'm going to be on the lookout for a bookstore window with a similar sentiment (Wanted: someone to lie on the sofa and read all afternoon while eating Thin Mints and drinking wine) for my selfie!

  2. Those are GREAT words in the wild! :-)

  3. LOVE it!! Whenever that store window finds those things, would you tell me where it found them so I can go there and get them too?? Thanks!!

  4. This is so great! And I am lucky enough to say I have people in my life that allow me to tick off all of these as well. Thanks for sharing!


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