Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ten on Tuesday | The Sweet Stuff.

First up - I missed y'all yesterday. I had good intentions about a weekending post, but Monday's reality got the better of me. The best part of my day was spent with this guy...I'm sure you understand!

And now today's topic. Apparently we've never done a Ten on Tuesday about desserts, and Carole's suggested that for this week's list (although after her weekend adventure, I think I'd have been more likely to suggest cocktails :-) I did a quick look through the mere-et-filles archives and turned up my first four favorites:

1. browned butter tart at Bistro VG (or from the restaurant's bakery, Theo's Brother).

2. cheesecake, especially cranberry or pumpkin for the holidays (always homemade!).

3. a cheese plate.

4. sorbet and fresh berries.

I was surprised I didn't find these next five (other longtime favorites):

5. "good chocolate" (imagine Ina Garten saying that and imagine it's about a 1-1/2" square of really dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt)...that goes perfectly with

6. another glass of "good red wine".

7. homemade pound cake.

8. plain shortbread (store-bought is ok!) with a glass of dessert wine.

9. homemade ice cream. special favorites are peach or strawberry in the summertime and rum raisin in the winter.

but this last one is a relative newcomer. I guess I've never had an opportunity to share it!

10. a bit of sugar from this sweet one.
riding the caboose and ♥ little boy eyelashes!
Not that I'm looking for more "inspiration" about sweet stuff, but Ten on Tuesday is always fun. If you're not already playing along, click here to join. And thank you, Carole, for another sweet week!


  1. I'd probably always choose another glass of wine over dessert! That may be why we've never done this as a topic.

  2. I love the glass of wine with chocolate, shortbread, pound cake or ice cream idea!! Charlie is so handsome!

  3. #10 hands down is always going to be numero uno! Clever and oh so true twist to a great and yummy list.


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