Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ten on Tuesday | M is for ...

Today, Carole's asked us to share ten words that describe us...and they all have to start with the first letter of our first name. How about:

1. married.

2. mother.

3. Marmie.

4. maker.

5. Mozart lover.

6. mathematical.

7. morning person.

8. mostly vegetarian.

9. miniature schnauzer snuggler.

10. motivated.

That photo strip to the left was part of my Marmie fun today. my first time using the Pocketbooth app (which I might've downloaded from one of Starbucks' free app deals months ago?) We had a lot of fun with it and hey! - more black and white!

Also, when I was little - maybe the early elementary school years - I didn't like my name at all. I wanted to be a Candy (caring, curly-haired) or a Susie (strong, sophisticated) or a Kim (kind). But now - I know my name is just right for me. look how well it fits!

If you're not already playing along, click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun. And thank you, Carole, for another great week!


  1. Marvelous list! Love that photo strip, too!

  2. Now that is serendipity! :-)

  3. Love the photos!


  4. Me too! re: #s 5 & 7, for sure! Love the photobooth strip, too...what fun!


  5. Magnificent! And your name is one of my most favorite names ever!

  6. Love the photo strip pictures!

  7. Charlie made the photo run all the better! How fun. Love your list of Ms. The list seems effortless, therefore, perfect and the words show the Mary I know through the blog.

  8. Maybe also motivational? Seeing your many FOs motivates me!

  9. This is a great list that fully describes you! Love the photobooth photos.

  10. Ha! I love the photo strip... and all of those magnificent words that describe you!


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