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Monday, March 26, 2007

i married a ten.

so - starting backwards - marc is a ten. he was gone for many days...during which the master bathroom shower started dripping and wouldn't stop, it got unbearably hot upstairs and down, and the freezer stopped freezing. it got so bad that i lost sleep...drip, drip, ....dr...i...p.... and today i finally decided to unload the freezer to the garage backup, spilled a bag of frozen berries on the kitchen rug and chance of course saw his chance and licked it up... and made many many red and blue spots and then licked my shorts and made more red and blue spots.

my home was not my zen place by today.

but it turned around. because marc is a ten. on a scale of one to ten - a ten means electricity, running water and gas - things that can turn really bad in amateur hands. (i'm a 0.5 - can hang pictures if it's not a complex pattern). he purchased plumbing parts on the way home from work, knew to (and how to) turn off the water and fixed the shower. said it was the original 'piece' (i know it has a name, but i can't remember what it is) from when we moved in... 21 years ago! and he cleaned out the coils behind the freezer and it's already dropped a few degrees and is well on its way to recovery. yeah! oh - and he turned on the ceiling fans - even remembering to reverse the blades so the air goes the right way. 3/27/07 edited to add - freezer is at 16 degrees... not good...maybe it won't recover, but i can't imagine that's marc's issue!

my only contribution to the mess - oxyclean - miracle cleaner! wiped up those red and blue spots on the rug in no time. the spots on my shorts took a bit longer, but still - they're clean now! i bought a tub of the miracle cleaner to celebrate. does anyone else remember when sara was obsessed with the oxyclean commercials (on the food network?) that girl knew!

so - i obviously recognized a critical flaw in my own makeup (dialing for help - or noting a need for help - is my limit) and found marc. i get 20 points for having good judgment.

on a lighter note - sunday did have a few good highlights:
donna and karen playing tennis - i'm thinking i am the bad luck charm - they were down a set, but coming back in the 2nd when i had to leave. karen called later to report a win (in 3 sets) - they won those last two sets handily - 6-3 and 6-2 i think. go farmers!

beauty and the beast - roswell high spring choral performance, simply wonderful. makes you realize how cool it is that we live in an area where kids can excel at so many different things. the singing, dancing, musical and comedic talent at that school is amazing (in addition to what we already know about academic, creative and sports talent!) b&tb is one of sara's (and my and katie's?) favorite disney productions ever - and this production will rate right up there as one of the most memorable.

(Sara loved the cheese grater; I insisted on no flash - nice for the players, no? - so a bit blurry - Katie needs to give me photo-lessons!)

katie finally made it home from her long weekend in new york city (technically this is a monday highlight i think, but that's her blog posting!) to houston (sugarland) for a business meeting tomorrow - and sara's final tennis match of the season is wednesday. counting down til spring break ... 4....



Blogger Sara said...

Hmm... the freezer is at 16 degrees as of this afternoon :/

Tuesday, 27 March, 2007  

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