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Sunday, March 25, 2007


spring is finally here! the tree in the backyard is full purple now, and the jasmine is just starting to bloom, too (can you see the little bits of yellow?) sunshine and warm weather never fail to cheer me up. i ran in the park yesterday for the first time this year - i only run in shorts and a t-shirt, so when it's cold (or rainy) i'm stuck inside on the treadmill. and i love watching the food network, but the run outside is a different kind of fun. there are people and dogs and nature and my ipod.

anticipating the outside run, i completely overhauled my ipod. deleted everything and added back just what i wanted. then i had sara make a playlist from what i'd added - and her only comment was 'mom, where's life is a picture?' (song from the end of the o.c.) so I added that one this morning and created a fun playlist of her shuffle (which i'm listening to now and really enjoying - i didn't take the two songs that embarrassed her :-) ...and every so often i wonder is it weird that a 44 year old has the same taste in music as a 15 year old, or a 20 year old? maybe not exactly the same - i do have a lot of andrea bocelli, but so does katie, and cecilia bartoli, and chicago - but similar enough to make music a fun thing for us to share.

so - recharging this weekend - really needed it. picked sara up from the bus on friday afternoon and headed to target for a new season of friends (all of the seasons on sale for $19.99 each - seemed like a good deal for this house since we love love that show!) sara picked season 6 - the one that ends with monica and chandler getting engaged. and we bought snack-y food for dinner - and just chilled and watched about 8 episodes before we fell asleep on the couch. we love doing that.

yesterday was totally fun, just for us, no school, no work, no chores (meaning today seems pretty hectic!) i spent some time on-line looking for new inspirations:

*this site - a blog from the writers of Grey's Anatomy (for sara who wants to be a tv writer - but i just checked the link and maybe it's my laptop, but i can't see any of the posts...i know they were there when i found the site originally?)

*this blog posting - for the layouts at the bottom - i have some of those papers in my stash and i like the idea of using just a single photo on the page, but so far my pages seem to be way more pictures and much less of everything else!

*ali edwards' autism speaks badge - this is a very cool idea from kevin bacon - earlier this week ali's was in 2nd place, but she's moved ahead and seems to have a lead that will be hard to beat. and i love that she posted instructions for a mini-book. which i will have to do eventually!

*this tutorial (thank you oh joy! and jessica jones) on fabric-covered thumb tacks - how cool is that? another thing i'll need to do eventually - of course i no longer have fabric scraps, so i'll have to buy some and the thumb tacks will probably end up costing me $1.00 each!

*moleskinerie - i got waylaid here for a good hour plus. i totally love the whole idea of a 'culture' built around these journals. continue to be amazed at how much 'stuff' is going on in the world that i just had no idea about.... check out this cool journal page (i used to have her blog in my favorites list and i'm not sure why i let it go... i added it back)

*and in honor of my friend francie who lives in and completely loves portland (have to say we agree with her about the loving part!) this very cool flower shop (again thanks to oh joy!)

then sara had an alta match (she played well, but the other girl was better)

later we went to see reign over me (good movie, but not our usual chick flick - needed another 8 episodes of friends to recover!) and we made california blt's from ina garten's barefoot contessa at home. yummy! (we did modify the mayonnaise by adding just a bit of pesto - neither of us could stand the thought of a sandwich with just plain mayo - ugh!) and we had sorbet and frozen fruit for dessert.

also keeping up with the ncaa tournament. my bracket got clobbered last weekend when i had texas and boston college in the elite eight. and i had memphis playing florida for the championship. marc and sara are still in good shape, but one of them will lose out today - sara's picked georgetown and marc's got unc.

in closing - the azaleas are in full bloom in the backyard:

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