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Monday, May 7, 2007

Guess Who's Back!

It is 10:24 PM. By the time I finish this, it will likely be close to 11. But it might be beyond then, maybe days into the future, because I prefer to (okay, I tend to) prolong these things. But this has been a long time coming.

And so much has happened since then. Let's do a little recap!

- (I should say that I was about to write "The O.C. ended," but it hasn't been that long since I've last posted here.)
-I've finished TWO books - both for school. One better than the other, but I guess that is always true. Tuesdays with Morrie >> 1984, because I can read Tuesdays with Morrie much faster (a feat for me), and there doesn't seem to be too much symbolism or those "literary elements" that schools are so big on these days.
-The Braves began their season again. One question: Why do I do this to myself every year?
-Mass amounts of Biology studying. Yuck.
-In the Land of Women comes out with mixed reviews. I like it. And I realize how much I really, really miss Adam Brody.
-Countdown to the end of school - What am I at so far? 12.5 days. Someone correct me, please.
-Countdown to camp - What I am at so far? 20 (-ish) days. Whoo!
-End of the tennis season. Close it out with two wins. And a trophy in which my name is misspelled. Nice.

And I think that's it. Or all I can remember that's of importance to both me and everyone else that cares.

So now it's time for a little iPod shuffle. You know the drill. Put iPod on shuffle. Press play. Write about song. Hope nothing too embarassing comes up. I'm gonna go with 15-20 songs.

Now for my predictions:
-At least 11 O.C. songs
-At least 1 Shins song, as they seem to pop up quite frequently
-At least 2 embarassing songs, as they seem to pop up quite frequently, as well

Here goes:

1) Such Great Heights - Ben Folds: Man, I forgot my covers prediction above. Ah, well. I'm gonna guess now that after this song there will be at least 2 more covers (I'm playing it safe, here). Surprise, surprise, though. It's a cover that's not on The O.C. Anyway, this song has a weird ending with all these weird instruments and strange sounds.
2) The New e Blues - The Western States Motel: One O.C. song down, at least 10 more to go. This plays in episode 11 (?, I'm not sure, another surprise, surprise) of season four, "The Dream Lover," when Summer plans a nice date for Seth (in her room, no less), and tells him that it's going to be great, because she has his favorite sad, weepy music playing (enter this song), in addition to some other Seth-esque stuff.
3) Marvo Ging - The Chemical Brothers: Two in a row. This song plays in episode 17 of season two, "The Risky Business," during the Newport Beach pseudo-charity nonyard sale (Yeah! This is how it's done in Orange County!). No words in this song. Just some crazy instruments and sounds that I couldn't begin to tell you what they are. But I think I hear the symbol things from a drum. And there's a probably a guitar thrown in there, as well.
4) Swing, Swing - The All-American Rejects: Don't make fun! It's on my O.C. Seasons 1-4 playlist. (Although, truthfully, that wouldn't make much of a difference.)
5) Greener - Tally Hall: This band is so cool, and this is one of their more non-weird/crazy, more mainstream-friendly songs. And for all of you who ever wondered what that weird "du-du-du-du-du" (as that's the only way I can describe it) at the end of "Good Day" is, it's actually the beginning of this song. So some kind of broken transition, I guess.

6) Hallelujah - Imogen Heap: O.C. song. Cover. What an amazing song. Now, mom, I'm hoping that you already know when this song played. I'll give you a hint: Big explosions. Multiple flashbacks. Not that that's much of a hint, I know.
7) Hidden in the Sand - Tally Hall: Okay, this one of those weird/crazy Tally Hall songs. Plays in episode 11 of season four, "The Dream Lover," during Seth's dream thing when he's camping with Che. This is when he meets the sea otter.
8) Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger: Alright, this is a weird story. So about two weeks ago I was watching the beginning of a TV show on ABC. I think it was a show that comes on after Grey's Anatomy on Fridays at 9. I can't remember the name of the song. So all of a sudden this song starts playing, and I think to myself, Hey, I know this song. And then I finally recognize this song. But there are these weird segments when a fake garagish band is singing this song, and I'm thinking, Are they trying to make it seem like this is their song. Or... what's going on?!? I'm not sure. It was so weird. I changed the channel shortly thereafter.
9) Paper Thin Walls - Modest Mouse: I must be closing in on 11. I'm not sure what the count is, but it has to be somewhere close to 5 or 6. Anyways, this plays in episode 7 of season two, "The Family Ties"... one of my favorite episodes. So many highlights in this one. I won't name them off now. But Modest Mouse actually plays on the episode, and this is one of the songs that they sing.
10) Get What You Need - Jet: I think this song plays on The O.C. in episode 12 of season one, "The Secret," when Ryan and Luke are in one of the cars in Luke's father's car dealership, right before we find out that Luke's father is not who we think he is.
11) Eve, the Apple of My Eye - Bell X1: I really do love this song. Episode 12 of season two, "The Lonely Hearts Club." Really sad/great song. Best part of this montage (yes, montage) is Kirsten totally closing the door in Sandy's face. Sandy then looks down in defeat, perhaps like he wasn't expecting it. After he stood up his wife. On Valentine's Day. To go see his ex-fiancee. Whom he kissed while he was there with her. This is a shake-your-head moment.
12) Blue Light (Anti-Gravity Mix) - Bloc Party: What makes this the "Anti-Gravity Mix"? I think it's the subtle, repeated "You are the bluest light"s in the beginning of the song. Other than that, I'm not sure there are any major differences between this song and the non-anti-gravity mix, which would, therefore, be the "Gravity Mix" (although I think it's just "Blue Light"). Right? Anyway, episode 1 of season three, "The Aftermath."
13) Fred Jones Part 2 - Ben Folds: One from the Ben Folds Live CD. Hmm. Not much else. I don't know too much about music outside The O.C. It's kinda sad, but it's also kinda true.
14) Middle of Nowhere - Hot Hot Heat: Last year spring break time I thought I was buying a cool song from a relatively "new" artist. I'd seen the song before, and this was one of those "impulsive, why-not-spend-99-cents-more-from-my-iTunes-gift-card kind of purchases." Turns out Hot Hot Heat is not relatively "new." No, they also sing "Bandages," which I'd heard on one of Katie's CDs before. I thought they said "Benedryls, benedryls... blah blah" but it's really "Bandages, bandages... blah blah."
15) Chicago - Sufjan Stevens: Not much explaining to do here. But this reminds me that I do want to see Little Miss Sunshine someday.
16) Moscow - The Surge: O.C. song. Mid-to-late season three. I'm gonna say episode 17, "The Journey." But I'm probably wrong. Maybe it was episode 16, "The Road Warrior." That may have been it. Ah, well.
17) Just a Ride - Jem: This is a curious song. I like it. It's not one of my favorite O.C. songs, but I like it. And if you looked up its play count on the computer it would probably be quite deceiving for two reasons: 1) It's the second song on The O.C. Mix 1, behind Paint the Silence, which you rarely skip over (although I hardly listen to The O.C. mixes in order or only The O.C. mixes anymore), and 2) It was played a crazy 3 times on The O.C. (forgetfulness? More likely that it was on purpose? Even more likely that they don't mind the threepeat).
18) Rapid Hope Loss - Dashboard Confessional: This is the other embarassing song. Did this song come up on my last iPod shuffle. I know one Dashboard Confessional song did....
19) Song for Sunshine - Belle and Sebastian: Episode 1 of season four, "The Avengers." I can't wait until May 22. We are making the trip to Target. Hopefully finals studying won't be too bad.
20) I Spy - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly: This is an O.C. song, but it feels like it should be on like, One Tree Hill, or something. It sounds so 14-year-old-ish and not so good. The only good parts are when the lead singer sings "La-loo-la-loo-la-la-loo-la-loo", etc. etc. Anyways, some middle episode (9 or 10-12) of season four. I'm not sure.

So that rounds it out. Final tally:

Number of O.C. Songs: 12.
Number of Shins songs: 0. Strange.
Number of embarassing songs: 2. Right on target. Unfortunately (even though two is enough).
Number of covers, excluding "Such Great Heights": 1.

I'm off.

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Blogger Mary said...

ahhh....welcome back, you! totally missed your wry sense of humor and the music lessons. did you know i made a playlist of your last shuffle (excepting the embarrassing songs!) and I love how it makes me think good thoughts about you when I listen to it.

Tuesday, 08 May, 2007  

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