Friday, May 11, 2007

just a little bit of worry. far anyway. Likely to become an unbearable amount of worry by Monday, but hey, I have two extremely responsible, capable daughters, and somewhere deep inside I know they'll be fine. But still, Marc and I are going out of the country...for a week...while school is on. Marc has already lost patience with this little bit of worry; suspect things could be rough come Monday.

Better news - I've finished my Mothers Day package to send to Florida with Karen tomorrow. Which means I won't be stamping in the dark tomorrow morning and will have time for a nice run before my five-hour class at Impressive Ideas (actually two back to back sessions of the Anna Griffin class - morning is a double page layout and the afternoon is a memo board - the link doesn't seem to show what we're doing, but you get the idea). Will try to take pics to share the fun!

And I really am looking forward to some parts of this Dominican Republic trip. From yesterday's journal:
*first stamp in my passport (yes, I had one when I was sixteen, but silly me - trashed it! - so had to apply for a new one)
*working out 4 days in a row
*finishing at least 2 books (which ones, still tbd)
*reading some "new to me magazines" (already recruited Katie for trip to B&N on Sunday to pick them out)
*trying out my new rolling duffel bag
*taking lots of pictures (I have zero from last year's trip)
*no 4:15 am alarm clocks
*exploring someplace new...just a little bit (last year, didn't leave the property, nope, not once! so my definition of "exploring" is probably pretty limited)
*afternoon naps
*seeing Marc relax (will he?!)
*mimosas for breakfast and margaritas for lunch (hence the need for afternoon naps :-)
*maybe? learning a little Spanish - last year's learning was "mas cielo por favor" meaning "more ice, please" and I think I'm using the word for sky not ice and trust one of my daughters will supply me a few useful phrases, with the correct pronunciation, so I don't sound too stupid!
*maybe? starting a new journal - but my current one has about 20 pgs left and there's no way I'll finish it by Monday, so not sure if I'm too much type A to start the new one with the old one left undone.... I really want to use scissors and glue to make collages with "found" papers.... especially ones with Spanish, or something DR-ish.

BTW - here's where we're staying. Same chain as last year, which was very nice. Trust this year will be just as good....

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  1. ice is hielo, and sky is cielo. and just to get fancy, ice water is agua helada. 89.3, psh.


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