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Sunday, October 7, 2007

10 things to do.

...when I'm not running*

Enjoy coffee and journaling time at Starbucks, before a Jo appointment (note the shoes - very supportive!)

Make my first internet yarn purchase. Sophies toes. 2 balls for socks and 2 for a stole (sorry, forgot to photo before it got dark!) But the service was delightful. I ordered Tuesday evening, received a thank you email on Wednesday and the shipment arrived on Friday. Thank you, Emily!

Knit 50 rows to finish the left point of the Secret of the Stole clue #1. I changed needle sizes from the 4 that I used for my swatch to a 3. And like this fabric much better. And the addi lace needles are so much easier to work with. Not that this was a piece of cake - figure about 3 hours of knitting? Wondering now how I'm going to manage the 2nd point and the 30-some rows once they're combined before the next clue comes out on Friday!

Completely scrap the concentric vest, spend 2+ hours searching for a replacement pattern and find one - whew! But it does involve a trip to LYS for trim yarn (the red) and size 13 needles (and of course, a very nice ball of sock yarn, jitterbug in the charcoal colorway).

Knit the replacement vest - up to the crochet trim. Yes, I cast this on Thursday evening and I'm modeling a nearly FO on Sunday. Wow! (and it should've been quicker, but I had to rip more times than I'll admit because it went so fast, I kept missing the bind offs!) Also made a trip to JoAnn's for buttons and found some.

See Across the Universe with Sara. I really wasn't a Beatles fan growing up. But this movie and I Am Sam have made me love their songs. Sara purchased the soundtrack and I can't wait to load it on my ipod.

Work out with Rob. Called him up in a panic on Thursday morning and I took his first available appointment this afternoon. Nice to work up a sweat even if I'm not out in the park. Wonder how sore I'll be tomorrow?

Help Sara with her math homework. Something about a piece of paper x" by y" with a 2" margin on the top and bottom and a 1" margin on the two sides and 30 square inches of text. Find the minimum paper size. Helping Sara with problems like this is really just walking her through the thought process...a few suggestions on things to try and she takes off leaving me in the dust. Right, who am I kidding, I do enjoy it!

Read a hundred pages of 1000 Splendid Suns - bookclub pick for October. Really enjoying it. But sorry I had to leave Abundance unfinished!

Get my ravelry invitation and decide NOT to lose myself in the site...til next weekend. I did accept the invitation, create a user name (mere - surprise!) and enter my vest project. Anything else will have to wait.

*yup - no running for 4-6 weeks. plantar fasciitis in the right heel and tendonitis in the left leg. three days home from the office with my leg propped up seemed to help. and honestly, my feet feel better today than they've felt since I can remember.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't know your feet (legs) were in such bad shape! i'm sure it's just because you're such an awesome runner (hope to get back to that place soon). created an 'oh boy' collection and a 'fall oh seven' set on my flickr site...and just purchased three 'easy' reads from bn (how to be good, eat pray love, and the family tree). about to watch entourage before work starts tomorrow. love you. xo

Sunday, 07 October, 2007  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sorry you are having problems with your feet and legs. My podiatrist has read me the riot act on several occasions about wearing the same shoes/same height heels.

I have yet to start my "Secret Stole" mostly because my hands and wrists hurt so I did a "no knitting weekend."

Monday, 08 October, 2007  

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