Friday, September 21, 2007

killing time.

...waiting for Sara to get home (seems like years since I did this for Katie!) browsing blogs...found this quiz:
Which Lion King Character Are You?
created with

You scored as Sarabi,You are Sarabi! Regardless of your gender, you have a warm spot in your heart for all things small and fuzzy. You tend to work well with kids, and they seem happy to oblige. You place a strong emphasis on family relations and chances are one of your closest bonds is with a familial figure of some sort. You're willing to give everyone a chance to prove themselves, even if they falter a few times. However, you do NOT tolerate agression well, and it's a big turn off for you in terms of finding a mate. And while you believe everyone deserves a second chance if they mess up, if their attitude is poor, you're less willing to accept them. Overall, though, you're very upbeat and personable - the perfect best friend!

...hummmm...I'm actually a 61% tie between Pumbaa and Sarabi and had to answer a tie-breaker question. (and ugh, I don't even remember enough about The Lion King to know if I should be happy, sad or embarrassed about these results. I need to find a Finding Nemo quiz....)

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