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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

as promised.

(finally!)...a knitting update. I have been knitting. When I haven't been walking, or working, or reading or sleeping. But otherwise, pretty much, just knitting - or planning about knitting, finding patterns and yarn. ...well, maybe the planning about knitting has been more than the actual knitting. At least I finished something:

Lilith - probably my quickest project ever (that wasn't a hat or one of those quickie scarves).

I love it - already wore to work and have decided stoles are perfect for my office where the temperature is just plain flaky and always completely unrelated to the season or the temperature outside. I knit this in Art Yarns Silk Rhapsody (50% silk, 50% mohair", colorway 143) on size 10-1/2 bamboo needles. It was also my first "real" experience blocking and I was amazed by the results. I pinned and spritzed before bed on Tuesday and it was dry and oh-so-well-finished by work time on Wednesday. Totally a blocking fan now, which is probably a good thing since I'm liking all this lace stuff!

Not so great news, the vest I'd started for the Grey's KAL - ripped (or is it frogged? haven't learned all the latest knitting lingo!) when I realized the short row cable thing was just plain wrong. I did get a cool tour of ravelry when I visited Knitch for help. Can't wait to get my invitation. But it would be better if it didn't arrive til after I've retired from Hewitt, because the site could definitely be a full-time job! Of course I compensated for the lack of project by buying more yarn. Malabrigo Laceweight to make this scarf for my dinner club Christmas gift exchange. The website doesn't have my colorway, which is a very subdued gray/green/lavender. Beautiful.

And I've made more progress on my first pair of socks and am ready to do the gusset on sock #2 [see the very end of the post - I think this is the first and last pic I've shared of the first pair of socks - wow, pitiful]. I've decided I really like knitting socks. Love how small they are. How fast they can go (when you knit them instead of the other, bigger projects you have in your knitting bag). And how interesting they are - so many patterns, colors, techniques. And not too expensive. So I signed up for an ALL DAY class at Knitch next month to learn more.

Eagerly anticipating the first installment of SotS, due out this weekend.

Oh, and I ordered four skeins of the October release from Sophie's Toes (thanks to lime and violet for the recommendation). Two skeins for socks. Maybe this one and this one? And two skeins for a shawl.

[sorry for the lack of pics, but my left ankle is swollen like an elephant leg and I'm chair bound with an ice pack...maybe 30 miles again next year isn't such a good idea?!]



Blogger Lydia said...

Can't wait to see the socks when they are finished. Hope you can pass along some tips. The lilith stole came out great-I'm getting the feather shawl done one row at a time (it seems like) hope it's done by Christmas! Poor ankle-

Wednesday, 03 October, 2007  

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