Sunday, March 30, 2008

signs of spring.

...I read a comment on Kal's blog that having your camera with you changes the way you see things. So true! And walking instead of running helps, too. What a treat to have the time for a long walk, camera in hand, and all my senses tuned into spring.


  1. Oh wow... is that what you see when you go for a walk? Awesome, wish I could see that here! Lovely page!

  2. Woepi!!!!
    I can hardly believe the pretty things you did put on your post!
    Keep on doing this!
    Lots of scrap-fun,

    Scrappy Jen D.

  3. I like your pages of spring. Lovely photos of nature.
    And the flowers you made yourself are nice too.
    Thanks for the response on my blog. Maybe I will write more in English, it's a good exercise for me.

  4. I love the mosaic of beautiful spring flowers, would love to be able to see that on a walk every day!

  5. it's amazing what you see when you walk and not run through life-wonderful wisdom of our former teachers- "no running in the halls" imagine the people and things you whizzed by and didn't see! What a nice sight makes for a great start to the day, happy monday, thank you!

  6. gorgeous layout! I can't wait for spring - but am looking forward to autumn here in Australia first!

  7. well, i already left you a comment on flickr--but i couldn't resist saying one more time how much i adore this page! GORGEOUS!!!


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