Friday, July 18, 2008


...I am really glad that I have no more business trips planned. Sure there will be some, but not having any right this second is making me very happy. And not that Charlotte was bad - I got upgraded to first class on the way up because they oversold the plane. Seriously, in 25 years, that has never happened to me! And there's a wine bar at the airport. Which made waiting nearly two hours for my flight home not so bad.
But I had to drive this, kind of a mini-hummer, no? ...and be really grateful the guy from Avis who picked me up thought I might not want the red F150 they had reserved for me. Uh, yeah, right!

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  1. an f150 reserved for you-do we want to know how that happened? but first class- now that's something, and it looks like a fine wine bar- happy friday and have a safe-funtastic trip to the beach- look forward to your return.


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