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Monday, October 3, 2011

talking in class.

creature comforts, barely begun
...I love many things about teaching knitting. sharing inspiration, seeing that light go off on a new technique, finished projects, "firsts" of any kind. and the conversation. there is something about a group of knitters sitting around a table, even when they're concentrating on their work (and hopefully learning something new), there's non-stop chatter. about knitting of course (patterns, yarn, who's doing what, what we love - and hate, new crushes), but also about cooking and books and movies and tv and life.

I noticed that folks were pulling out notepads to jot down things to check out later. that's a bit distracting when you're trying to concentrate. so I started taking notes, and then I'd compile the notes from all four of my classes into an email and send it out weekly. I got great feedback ... but the students really deserve the credit - they're the ones who come up with all the material!

and I thought it might be fun to share the notes here - we'll see how it works!

knitting projects

  • creature comforts and vodka gimlet are the top two projects this month - if I count correctly (and remember counting is not one of my strengths!), ten of us (plus me - I'm knitting both) are working on one of these two projects. the photo above is my creature comforts, started today, and about 2/3 through the first cable repeat.
  • I'm hoping someone will want to knit a beret sometime soon. the selbu modern is a favorite of mine and I'd love to knit along. it's colorwork. the suggested yarn is canopy fingering (remember that from the westknits knitalong?)
  • the next saturday shawl class is silver and gold (aka crocus and sunflower - you can knit one or the other or both). and the one after that will be stephen west's new pattern gyllis - it's lace! (and not a triangle!!)
  • rosamund's cardigan - this is a kind of oldie (interweave fall 2009) but definitely a goodie. it's in my mental queue (I have stash yarn to knit it) and think it would be a fun project. seamless to boot!
  • a few folks asked about my holiday knitting plans and the sweater that I'm going to knit for katie. it's heidi kirrmaier's vitamin D. she chose a warm spicy orange/red colorway of my favorite nuna yarn. this is a re-knit I'm excited about!


and last but not least, cooking

  • we're hoping to get becca's mom's lemon fruitcake recipe (with all the right instructions :-)
  • here's the recipe for the delicious granola that sandy makes (from the barefoot contessa)
  • and here's the recipe for my white sangria (thanks to thea!)

white sangria
makes about 3 quarts

1.5 liters inexpensive pinot grigio (in other words, use one that comes in the big bottle)
1 cup cointreau
1 cup vodka (citron is great if you have it)
12 oz frozen fruit - I like a mixture of peaches, melon and berries, but really, I think anything would do
2 liters sprite zero (or diet or 7UP)

combine the alcohol and the frozen fruit in a pitcher and let sit overnight. when ready to serve, pour the mixture over lots of ice in a punchbowl and then add soda to taste (I find about 1-1.5 liters is all it takes).



Blogger Peppermint said...

Hi....did I miss the "delicious granola" recipe? I see White Sangria - just what I need tonight to get me to chill out!

Monday, 03 October, 2011  
Blogger Carole Knits said...

How fun that you keep track of the topics of conversation! We had spinning at the library last night and covered a lot of the same ground.

Tuesday, 04 October, 2011  
Blogger Lydia said...

talking and sharing-fundamentals of education. people should do a lot more sharing!

Tuesday, 04 October, 2011  
Blogger Honoré said...

Ditto all...what a fun way to attend class and to capture the dynamics.

Wednesday, 05 October, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm such a bad note taker that I LOVE that you put yours into the blog. My Kindle is the only gadget I have that isn't an Apple product and even tho I can read books on my iPad, I still won't part with my Kindle!

Thanks for sharing!! :-)

Friday, 07 October, 2011  

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